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37-2 Ars (1)
Kanata: Sorry for the intru~sion
Torahiko: ............
Kanata: Oh my. Tora-chan, you're really focused on drawing today
37-2 Ars (2)
Shiki: Lately he's been really concentrated here. Anyways, how unusual for you to come here alone
Kyosuke: Do you perhaps want to read some mangas? If so then let me get one that I recommend---
Kanata: Ah, Kyo-chan! Please don't move!
37-2 Ars (3)
Kyosuke: W-what? Eh, Uwah! W-what are you doing?! I-It tickles~! Ahaha!
Kanata: Be a bit patient. I'll finish soon!
Kanata: Ehm...54 cm maybe?
Shiki: Sooo....Minato-kun, what did you come here for?
Kanata: Today I came to take the measurements of ArS♪
Shiki: So, of me too?
Kanata: Of course! Come on, prepare yourself!
37-2 Ars (4)
Shiki: Ah! NO!? There's kinda...Ah
37-2 Ars (5)
Akio: Shi-Shiki-kun?!
Shiki: Akio! D-Don't come here!
Akio: Ok, I'll run away
Shiki: How cold?!
Kanata: No no no! I won't let you! Prepare yourself, Akio-kun!
37-2 Ars (6)
Akio: Eeek~!! Fuhii! I-it tickles!
Kanata: 53 cm. And with this we're good! Then the ones left are---
37-2 Ars (7)
Raku: It's so noisy....
Hikaru: Oya? If it isn't Kanata Minato! You seem to be having fun while embracing Akio!
Kanata: Ah, Rakkun and Pika-chan! Perfect timing. Let me take your measurements too
Raku: Huuuh. Measurements....It seems fun....Won't you tell us why it's important
Kanata: Yes. Truth is---
Hikaru: Wonderful...How wonderful! If it's like that then I'll offer my help too!
37-2 Ars (8)
Hikaru: Come on! Measure all of me!
Kanata: You're as shining as ever
Raku: That's Hikaru's good part. Kukuku....Anyways, it sure became interesting
Kanata: ....Eh? I feel like I forgot something....
37-2 Ars (9)
Torahiko: Alright! It's a great success!!
Kanata: Wah! Right! I forgot about Tora-chan! Tora-chan, let me take your measurements~
Torahiko: Oh, Kanata! Okay! Take plenty of them!
Raku: ....My my. Our leader is a free-spirited man as usual
Producer: I'm glad I somehow managed to make all the preparations for the song....
Producer: Having Aido-kun and the others persuade the third generation helped me a lot
Producer: Rindo-kun said that he would be the one to persuade the second generation, but....
Producer: (....I hope they don't get into a fight)
Chapter 37-2 (6)
Tsubaki: And that said, I got chosen to perform for the Music Awards, so you gotta listen to me!
Kokoro&Issei&Eva: Don't joke with us!

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