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37-2 IB (1)
Seiya: Noah!!
Noah: Hm? Seiya? What's wrong?
Leon: You look like you're in a hurry. Did you perhaps do something bad to Noah?
37-2 IB (2)
Lucas: It would be possible with you Leon....
Leon: How mean!
Noah: You two....
Lucas&Leon: !.....Sorry
37-2 IB (3)
Noah: So, Seiya. You came here because you have something to discuss, right?
Seiya: Truth is, I need your help for the song that will be used in the musical performance! However, there's not much time I'm begging you!
Rabi: ....I don't really understand but, it seems like you're in trouble
37-2 IB (4)
Chaoyang: Noah-san....What do we do?
Noah: You're right....
Noah: Seiya. First won't you explain to us everything from the start? You at least have time for that, right?
Seiya: Truth is----
Noah: Hahaha! To think that such interesting development happened when I wasn't there. I regret it
Noah: Ok then. I♥B will join too. Then, will you give us the sheet music?
Seiya: Eeeehm....I don't really, have them with me right now~
Noah: ...And that means?
Seiya: That it's in the middle of production? The producer went to the composer's house to finish it as soon as possible. Right now they're in the middle of negotiating!
Noah: .....And, when will it be completed?
Seiya: ....After two days
All I♥B: 2 DAYS?!
37-2 IB (5)
Noah: Fufufu....Fufufufu!
Chaoyang: Eeek?! No-Noah-san broke...
37-2 IB (6)
Rabi: ...Seiya, I'll count on you for the rest
Seiya: Uuu....I'll give it my best!
Producer: I'm glad I somehow managed to make all the preparations for the song....
Producer: Having Aido-kun and the others persuade the third generation helped me a lot
Producer: Rindo-kun said that he would be the one to persuade the second generation, but....
Producer: (....I hope they don't get into a fight)
Chapter 37-2 (6)
Tsubaki: And that said, I got chosen to perform for the Music Awards, so you gotta listen to me!
Kokoro&Issei&Eva: Don't joke with us!

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