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37-2 Twinkle Bell (1)
Mutsuki: Zzz...zzz...
*blip blop*
Satsuki: Go....Ah, shit!
37-2 Twinkle Bell (2)
Akira: Are you in the middle of playing, Satsuki?
Satsuki: UWAH?!...Ah?!
Satsuki: AAH?! Because you suddenly surprised me I lost the game, Mitsurugi-kun~
37-2 Twinkle Bell (3)
Akira: I'm sorry about that. I had something to ask you two so I spoke up, but it seems the timing was bad
Satsuki: Well, I saved it beforehand so it's not really a problem~ So, what did you want to ask us?
Mutsuki: Hm...Fuwaah~ Satsuki~ What's happening~
Satsuki: Ah~ Mutsuki woke up
37-2 Twinkle Bell (4)
Akira: Let him. I was planning on waking him up too so it's perfect
Mutsuki: Eh~ How unusual for Mitsurugi-kun to come to our place~
Akira: Yes, I have something to consult with you
Akira: If I had to say "Something fun to do in the middle of the singing" then what would you two want to do?
Satsuki: ...Huh? What's this all of a sudden?
Mutsuki: Are you planning something? Geez, Mitsurugi-kun, do you plan to play a prank on Seiya and Kanata's enemies?
Akira: ....Are you guys planning to play a prank on Seiya and Kanata while I'm not looking perhaps?
Satsuki&Mutsuki: ?!
Satsuki: We're not! We're definitely not!
Mutsuki: Yes yes. It was my fault for wording it wrong~
37-2 Twinkle Bell (5)
Akira: *sigh*....Unlike you twins, I'm not planning anything here
Satsuki: Then why did you ask us about that?
Akira: Truth is---
37-2 Twinkle Bell (6)
Satsuki: Why did you decide something that fun without me!!
Mustuki: Right right~ I wish you would have called us for that too~
Akira: I just happened to be there by case. And when I heard about it I didn't have time to call you two
Satsuki: Well, fine! We won't be late even if we participate now, Mutsuki!
Mutsuki: Yes♪ Let's think a lot about it, Satsuki!
Akira: Fufu. Thank you for your help
Producer: I'm glad I somehow managed to make all the preparations for the song....
Producer: Having Aido-kun and the others persuade the third generation helped me a lot
Producer: Rindo-kun said that he would be the one to persuade the second generation, but....
Producer: (....I hope they don't get into a fight)
Chapter 37-2 (6)
Tsubaki: And that said, I got chosen to perform for the Music Awards, so you gotta listen to me!
Kokoro&Issei&Eva: Don't joke with us!

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