Look at Foof (1)
Kanata: *stares*
Kumakocho: There, don't be afraid~ I'm a cute bear like the ones in fairy tales~
Akira: Kanata is a rabbit person so he doesn't like bears.
Look at Foof (2)
Seiya: Hey Kanata, it's bad to stare!
Kanata: Understood!
Kumakocho: B-bad~ You should like bears too~
4-1 Common
Kumakocho: Then, leaving the jokes aside…
Kumakocho: Gentlemen! Congratulations on entering this school!
Kumakocho: Entering Etoile Vio School means that you want to become idols, right?
Lucas: That's obvious.
Kumakocho: Isn't it~. I'm asking you all!
Kumakocho: Do you want to become idols?
Seiya: That's right! I will become the number one samurai idol!
Kumakocho: You said your name is Seiya, right?
Seiya: Yeah!
Kumakocho: That spirit is very good~. However…
Kumakocho: It's still too early to call yourselves idols~.
Seiya: !

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