Strange Person 6-2
Torahiko: They're surely an incredibly unique producer!
Mutsuki: What kind of "unique" are you thinking about?
Torahiko: Well…for example, a muscular guy like a pro wrestler that can easily carry the great me around!
Kyosuke: I don't want such a producer~.
Chapter 6-2 common (1)
Kumakocho: It seems everyone is interested~.
Kumakocho: Since the timing is perfect, I think we have to do some introductions~
Kumakocho: Well then, Producer-chan! Please e~nter!
Chapter 6-2 common (2)
Producer: Nice to meet you, everyone. I'm the producer who will support you from now on.
Seiya: Our producer!
Noah: Heh. A female producer. This is unusual…
Satsuki: Fu~uh.
Chapter 6-2 common (3)
Kumakocho: She's also the producer for the first and second generation I-Chu's that passed here.
Kumakocho: She's a really dependable producer, so if anything happens rely on her for advice~.
Producer: From now on, together with me, there will also be a senior I-Chu to support you.
Producer: Hanabusa-san, please enter.
Kokoro: Ye~s!
Chapter 6-2 common (4)
Kokoro: I'm Kokoro Hanabusa. You're in the third generation while I'm in the second generation, so I have a senior position. Anyway, I hope to work well with everyone!
Chapter 6-2 common (5)
Leon: This is bad!! She's super cute!!
Torahiko: Heh…so there was a female I-Chu, too!
Shiki: I see…So it's like this…
Leon: What~ Do you mean you're aiming at Kokoro-chan, too?!
Shiki: No, no, I'll pass.
Leon: Lucky! My name's Leon! Let's exchange email addresses to become closer!
Kokoro: Okay~ Let's exchange them when we have some free time!
Leon: Yahoo! It's a promise, ok~!
Chapter 6-2 common (6)
Lucas: Really, looking at your flirting is irritating.
Leon: What is it, Lucas? Are you perhaps jealous? You can ask her to exchange email addresses too~
Lucas: I'm not interested. …Leaving that aside, that bear over there.
Kumakocho: My name is not "that bear over there"~! Call me President or Director~
Lucas: Whatever. What should we do from now on?
Kumakocho: Ufufu~ This is...

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