8-3 ArS (1)
Akio: I-I want to go back home~
Torahiko: You...Are you still saying such things?
8-3 ArS (2)
Torahiko: Enough with it! Have more sense of duty! Nishishi~
Akio: I'm not easy-going like you, Tora...
Shiki: It's okay, Akio. If you get confused, I will back you up.
8-3 ArS (3)
Hikaru: I will do a magnificently beautiful back up too!
Raku: I don't have confidence in my physical strength to back you up.
Hikaru: What are you saying! Isn't it obvious I will back you up beautifully too!
Raku: Oh~ I'll rely on you!
8-3 ArS (4)
Akio: ...Is it okay if I go home after all?
Kyosuke: Y-you can't~ It's our first debut after all~
8-3 ArS (5)
Torahiko: .........
Shiki: Tora-chan? You suddenly turned silent, I'm having a bad presentiment.
Torahiko: The inspiration is welling up! I'm going on a journey for a while!
8-3 ArS (6)
Shiki: No way! This timing is terrible!
Kyosuke: Hawawawa! It-it's a state of emergency! A Red Emergency!
Torahiko: That said, see ya later!
8-3 ArS (7)
Hikaru: Raku~! If we don't stop Tora~
Raku: I'm not good with intense movements, so it's impossible for me.
Kyosuke: As an idol, you shouldn't say such words~
Akio: Tora, Wait!
Shiki: (Akio detained Tora-chan, this is unusual! Akio finally became serious!)
Akio: Take me with you! Anywhere is fine if I'm away from here!
Torahiko: Okay! Let's make the arts explode together!
8-3 ArS (8)
Shiki: Ah~ In the end I got stuck with bringing them back!
Producer: Everyone, give it your best and work hard today!
Producer: This isn't the start. This is a live that will let you stay on the start site from now on.
Chapter 8-3 Common
Everyone: Yes!

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