8-3 I♥B (1)
Leon: Ah~ I'm super excited! My left hand is buzzing!
Chaoyang: How...Uh, I feel like I might collapse from the nervousness.
Rabi: Oh! Chaoyang, you have to give it your best. If you overcome this day, surely you will become more confident.
Chaoyang: Y-yes...
8-3 I♥B (2)
Lucas: ...............
Noah: Are you perhaps closing your eyes and concentrating?
Lucas: No. I'm uplifting myself.
Leon: Oh! This is unusual~ Then, I'll make sure to stir you up midway!
Lucas: If you can afford to do that, then try it!
8-3 I♥B (3)
Noah: Haha! Everyone seems to be getting in the swing!
Producer: Everyone, give it your best and work hard today!
Producer: This isn't the start. This is a live that will let you stay on the start site from now on.
Chapter 8-3 Common
Everyone: Yes!

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