8-3 Twinkle (1)
Satsuki Hey, hey, Mutsuki~
Mutsuki What is it, Satsuki?
Satsuki I thought of a great prank to disturb them!
Mutsuki Heh~ What kind of prank?
Satsuki I will cut the music volume the moment when they're singing!
Satsuki And then the deeply moved audience will have their eyes only on our performance! Ishishi!
Mutsuki It's a really good plan but~
Mutsuki The producer added more security guards on the other side knowing that you would want to pull some kind of prank.
8-3 Twinkle (2)
Satsuki ...That woman really pisses me off!
Mutsuki But you know, Satsuki. I think that if the two of us are together, we don't need petty pranks to make the audience have their eyes only on us.
Satsuki Mutsuki...
Satsuki Hehe! Of course! Then, Mutsuki, let's show them the invincible power of us twins!
Mutsuki Yes! Let's show them~!
Producer Everyone, give it your best and work hard today!
Producer This isn't the start. This is a live that will let you stay on the start site from now on.
Chapter 8-3 Common
Everyone Yes!

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