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9-2 Choice 1
Seiya Producer, have faith and leave it to me.
Seiya It's not that I got acknowledged by the president yet. I know that I'm still not mature.
Seiya However, when it comes to the feeling of wanting to make the people present here smile then I won't lose to anyone!
Seiya That's why I'm begging you! From now on I want you to be silent and trust what I say!
Producer .......
Producer Originally, dealing with such situations isn't your duty, but mine.
Producer If I'm leaving it to you then of course I will support you with all my power!
Seiya !?
Seiya Haha! As expected from the reliable producer!
Chapter 9-2 Common
Seiya I'm really happy that I got to meet a person like you!
Producer It's an honor to be praised but, there's no time. Tell me now what we have to do.
Seiya Yes!

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