9-2 Choice 3
Seiya I know it's sudden of me to say such things but, Producer, I need your cooperation!
Seiya I just entered Etoile Vio School but...the feelings of wanting to become an idol aren't a lie!
Seiya Also, if there were friends in trouble I would think "I want to help them!"
Seiya That's why, please cooperate with me! Producer!
Producer Saying whatever it pleases you...Aido-kun, who do you think I am?
Producer From now on I'm your Producer, you know.
Producer .......
Producer Originally, dealing with such situations isn't your duty, but mine.
Producer If I'm leaving it to you then of course I will support you with all my power!
Seiya !?
Seiya Haha! As expected from the reliable producer!
Chapter 9-2 Common
Seiya I'm really happy that I got to meet a person like you!
Producer It's an honor to be praised but, there's no time. Tell me now what we have to do.
Seiya Yes!

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