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Ensuite Chapter 3-1 Alchemist (1)
Seiya: Say, what do you think about Alchemist?
Noah: About them? Let's see..From my first impression I would say that they fit the word "Villains" a lot
Seiya: Villains?
Noah: Yes. In particular the leader. His name was Kuro Yakaku, right?
Noah: Even though that was their debut he didn't smile at all. His atmosphere didn't feel like that of an idol
Noah: But, I do think their singing was amazing. It feels like they spit out all the emotions they have inside...
Noah: I can't sing like that. I think that it feels better to sing while standing close to the sound
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 Alchemist (2)
Seiya: Spitting out your emotions while singing....Singing while standing close to the sound...
Seiya: That's incredible....I don't think that much when I'm singing
Noah: That's not true. You always sing for someone unconsciously, right?
Noah: You put your feelings in the song, and entrust those feeling to the people listening. You sing so that your emotions can reach a lot of people, right?
Noah: There isn't only one way of singing. That's why singing is so interesting
Seiya: My singing entrusts my feeling to the song....hehe!
Seiya: Somehow I started feeling better! Thanks Noah!
Noah: Fufu. You're welcome. But, we derailed from the main topic. By the way, Seiya?
Seiya: Hm?
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 Alchemist (3)
Noah: Didn't I tell you that if something was bothering you you should talk about it to me? What are you hiding?
Seiya: N-Noah-san?
Noah: Do you want to collapse again by thinking too much? Before that happens you should talk about it to me. Come on...
Seiya: T-Truth is--
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (12)
Noah: I see. So that's what happened yesterday on Alchemist's live...
Raku: My my...The Producer is surprisingly a woman full of secrets
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (13)
Lucas: Him again...Is he planning something! This is such a nuisance....
Seiya: You're right. And everything is happening right when we are getting ready for our next live after the success at the Music Award
Seiya: I have a bad feeling about this...
Noah: Seiya...I understand why you would be worried, but now we have to give it our best for the next live
Noah: We don't have time to think about other stuff, you know? I'm worried about the Producer, but this problem doesn't seem like it can be solved immediately
Noah: I know this sounds harsh, but for now focus only on the live
Seiya: ...Yeah
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (14)
Torahiko: What's this? Isn't the school gate quite noisy?
Leon: You're right! Let's go to see!

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