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Ensuite Chapter 3-1 Kumakocho (1)
Seiya: I don't understand what the president is thinking....You should know how he thinks, right Lucas?
Lucas: Are you trying to pick a fight?
Seiya: ?! Sorry! I didn't mean it that way so maybe you misunderstood me, right? I'm really sorry!
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 Kumakocho (2)
Lucas: *sighs*...Well, it's you after all, so that might be true. It's my fault for exaggerating too
Lucas: I don't understand how he thinks at all. If I could we wouldn't have such a complicated relationship
Seiya: R-right...
Lucas: But he's the type of guy to choose his job over his own son
Lucas: So he's surely only thinking about work right now too
Seiya: I see. You might be right there...
Lucas: Seiya...did he tell you anything?
Seiya: Eh?
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 Kumakocho (3)
Lucas: Is that so?! He did...! I'm going to talk to him face-to-face right now!
Seiya: EH?! Wait wait wait!! Lucas you misunderstood again! Truth is--
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (12)
Noah: I see. So that's what happened yesterday on Alchemist's live...
Raku: My my...The Producer is surprisingly a woman full of secrets
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (13)
Lucas: Him again...Is he planning something! This is such a nuisance....
Seiya: You're right. And everything is happening right when we are getting ready for our next live after the success at the Music Award
Seiya: I have a bad feeling about this...
Noah: Seiya...I understand why you would be worried, but now we have to give it our best for the next live
Noah: We don't have time to think about other stuff, you know? I'm worried about the Producer, but this problem doesn't seem like it can be solved immediately
Noah: I know this sounds harsh, but for now focus only on the live
Seiya: ...Yeah
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (14)
Torahiko: What's this? Isn't the school gate quite noisy?
Leon: You're right! Let's go to see!

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