Mao Wajima
輪島真桜, Wajima Mao
Mao Wajima
The leader-like iKids!
"Mao Wajima! That Tatsumi, even though he's older he gets depressed easily... that's why I sometimes check his condition and cheer him up! Hehe~!"
Age 10
Birthday July 17th
Blood Type B
Height 139 cm
Weight 30 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Snowboarding
Fave Food Ramen
LeastFave Food Onions
Looks up to Tatsumi Madarao
Group sweet step


Always playing around, but when the time comes, he acts as the leader of the elementary school kids. He is a very obliging person.


Mao Wajima N (Hanazakari Danshi) Mao Wajima N (Akaki Honoo no ROCK NIGHT) Mao Wajima N

Character LinesEdit

I'm Mao Wajima! I love playing outside!
I got complimented by sensei that my leadership is the best among others!
I'm good at dancing! You can count on me about things that require moving body!
Why does Tatsumi get depressed so easily?
I'm the one who has to keep an eye on Orihiro!
Story Choose a story that you like!
Main Story Chapter, it said. Which should we choose?
I don't really like reading.
Love Story Love story!? I, I'm not really embarrassed!
... Will you choose quickly?
Shop It's the shop! Let's have a look.
Disk Purchase Is there something that you wanted to buy?
Friends If you want to look at your friend's info, here's the place!
Other It said that it can do lots of stuffs!

Affection StoryEdit

Calling on the leader!

Mao Wajima - Calling on the leader (1)
Mao: Oh, adult spotted! Hey, come over here for a sec.
Mao: Jimpachi fell from a tree and got hurt. But he brushes it off as nothing special.
Mao: There's no way I want to get hurt, is it really alright with having you watch?


Mao: Oh, you're surprisingly reliable! Then, this way! When I start running keep up with me!
Mao: Hah~ I'm glad. It's nothing serious. You can't climb trees half-heartedly.
Mao: That was dangerous? Idiot, a man who plays with danger is cool! That's what my dad said.
Mao: It's fine! It's not impossible for Jimpachi! And when it gets too dangerous for me, Ren will stop me.
Mao: Hehe, the three of us are best friends. As long as I have them, I'm invincible, right?
Mao: If you think I'm lying just wait and see!
Mao: No matter what time it is, we three will be fine!

Let's dance together!

Mao Wajima - Let's dance together (1)
Mao: Oh! Incredible pretty cherry trees!
Mao: Hehe, I love cherry trees a lot. That's because my name is the same!
Mao: We're having a Live at such a beautiful place today. As expected of Tatsumi!
Mao: ... I'll only tell you this. Keep it a secret from the others.
Mao: To be honest, I respect Tatsumi so much.
Mao: After all he's really cool, right? That's why dancing in the same costume as Tatsumi today makes me really happy!
Mao: Ah, it's almost time for the preparations. I'll have to change clothes!
Mao Wajima - Let's dance together (2)
Mao: Look at this! Does it suit me? Does it??
Mao: When I changed into the costume I suddenly got nervous... But I practised a lot so I'll give my best!
Mao: I'll show it to Tatsumi and the cherry trees!
Mao: Ah! Of course I'll show it to you too!

My goal!

Mao Wajima - My goal! (1)
Mao: Hey, hey, have you ever played guitar?
Mao: When I met Tatsumi earlier, we talked about possibly starting to take lessons, but I want to ask you what I should do.
Mao: And I think that the guitar doesn't sound bad at all.
Mao: So, is playing guitar difficult? I wonder if I can do it.
Mao: I can do it if I try my best, huh... Yes, I get it! I believe you!
Mao: I'll let you hear it first when I start playing, so look forward to it!
Mao Wajima - My goal! (2)
Mao: Oh! You came to view my photo shooting today! There's something I want to tell you!
Mao: I told my dad I wanted to play the guitar earlier. And my dad seemed to have played the guitar long ago too.
Mao: It was very bad, but it looked super fun! That's why I decided to stick with the guitar and do my best!
Mao: Well, and someday I'll sing together with Tatsumi. That's my goal! It's a cool one, right!

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Today's my birthday! I'd like to get some handmade snacks or something like that~
Orihiro Because it’s Orihiro’s birthday, we’ll play together!
Tatsumi Since it's Tatsumi's birthday I gotta stay by his side!
Producer Happy brithday! I’ll prepare something now!


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