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Chaoyang: Munch. Munch munch...
Chaoyang: Hah... After all I can calm down by being alone...
White cat: Meow~
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Chaoyang: Hm, a cat...? Ah, it's you again. Do you also enjoy being by yourself?
White cat: Purr purr...
Chaoyang: Fufu, you're seem affectionate today. That's rare. Do you want to come over here? We can eat our meal together.
Chaoyang: You're really cute... I'm the exact opposite.
Producer: Chaoyang-kun?
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Chaoyang: Uh! Se-sensei-san...!!
Producer: What are you doing here in this place.
Chaoyang: I'm... eating my lunch. Because there are a lot of people in the classroom... I couldn't calm down...
Producer: You're bad at being with others?
Chaoyang: ... Yes.
Producer: I see.
Producer: (He seemed to have a lot of fun just now, but the moment I arrived he had his usual expression again...)
Chaoyang: ......
Producer: (I wonder if he can get a bit more emotionally attached to me too... Hm, "emotionally attached", saying it like that sounds a little...)
Producer: (Trust... Yeah, I want him to trust me.)
Chaoyang: ............ Uhm, Sensei-san.
Producer: Hm, what?
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Chaoyang: You're staring at me. Since I'm getting embarrassed, please don't stare like that.
Producer: Ah, I'm sorry, just...
Chaoyang: Just?
White cat: Meow?
Producer: (He tilted his head the same way as the cat... Cute... Wait, that's not what I wanted to say.)
Chaoyang: Sensei-san??
Producer: Uhm... well, about that uniform.
Producer: It seems like you know how to dress well, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: !
Chaoyang: My uniform suits me?
Producer: !? Yeah, yes! It suits you very well!
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Chaoyang: Fufu... thank you very much.
Producer: (I was just changing the topic, but I'm glad it went well...)

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