Chaoyang: I didn't pick this white uniform by myself. ... That's why I thought it doesn't suit me.
Producer: That's not the case at all. I'd rather say that the opposite is true.
Chaoyang: The opposite...?
Producer: I mean, white does really suit you, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: White doesn't... suit me.
Producer: I see. Ah, but look.
Chaoyang: What?
Producer: You have the same color as your friend.
White cat: Meow!
Producer: Fufu, this young cat also seems happy that it is matching with you.
Chaoyang: I'm matching... with this cat? But unlike this cat I'm not even cute.
Chaoyang: I can't depend on people, but on the other hand, I lack the strength to do everything alone.
Chaoyang: I'm someone who is scared of people, is a coward and can't say what I want to say. And someone like me should be similar to this cat--
Producer: I think you are scared of people because you want to be liked by them. You're scared because you're cautious.
Producer: Yes, and because you seek for this outcome, you're afraid of failure. Chaoyang-kun, I think this is something you want to accomplish, right?
Chaoyang: Se-sensei-san...
Producer: Otherwise you wouldn't have formed a band. Moreover, not with people you've never met before.
Producer: Your courage is very admirable. If it was me, I'm sure I would've been scared to take such a step.
Chaoyang: Too much praise...
Producer: Ah, I'm sorry. I just got carried away. But remember this.
Producer: Chaoyang-kun, you're a lot more appealing as an I-Chu than you think.
Chaoyang: ............ Yes.
Producer: Ah, and I think you're very cute too.
Chaoyang: ............
Producer: (... Too much praise I guess. He's not ready to get spoken to in this way.)
Producer: (But if you suddenly talk to a shy person like Chaoyang-kun like that, it's normal they'll get bewildered, I guess.)
Chaoyang: Se-sensei-san...
Li Chaoyang SR affection story 2
Producer: (... He pulls on my clothes. This is the first time he tries to touch me.)
Chaoyang: Those clothes are... very beautiful too, Sensei-san.
Producer: !
Chaoyang: ... I'm sorry. I don't know what's the best thing to do when getting praised. So I was imitating you, Sensei-san.
Chaoyang: I'm not able to express it well, but... Sensei-san, when you spoke to me that way... I was very happy.

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