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Li Chaoyang UR affection story 1
Chaoyang: Today's the filming of a promotional video, huh. I hope everything goes well...
Producer: Chaoyang-kun!
Chaoyang: !!
Producer: I finally found you. I looked for you everywhere since you were not in the waiting room, you know?
Chaoyang: I wanted to be alone for a bit.
Producer: Aren't you alright being with the other members?
Chaoyang: But...
Producer: But?
Chaoyang: But... It's because Leon teases me.
Producer: He teases you? Why??
Chaoyang: What we were talking about in the courtyard... earlier, he saw it...
Producer: (Could it be...)
Producer: Do you feel embarrassed about earlier?
Chaoyang: ... eh!? I'm not embarrassed! I'm not embarrassed about it~
Producer: If that's the case, can you also say that while looking me in the eyes?
Chaoyang: ...... I can't.
Producer: Why?
Chaoyang: If I do that, my heart will explode.
Producer: ... Is your heart fluttering this much for me?
Chaoyang: Flutter...!?
Producer: Fufu, just kidding.
Chaoyang: ... You're mean, Producer-san.
Producer: That's not true.
Chaoyang: It is true.
Producer: Ahaha. I geuss it is true. After all your reactions are very cute, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: Except that I'm not cute.
Producer: If you want to deny being cute, then show me your cool side in the filming.
Chaoyang: Hmph... If you want to see it... I'll give my best, Producer-san.

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