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Meat! Cake! Party 1 (1)
Ban: Ah, Producer, found ya ♪
Producer: Jumonji-kun. You were looking for me?
Ban: Yup! Say, Producer, ya busy next Friday night?
Producer: Next Friday… As of right now, I don’t think I have any plans.
Meat! Cake! Party 1 (2)
Ban: Sweet! I know it’s kinda early, but I was thinkin’ of having a Christmas party next week.
Ban: If you want to come, I thought it’d be awesome if we had ya there, too.
Producer: Ahaha, well, if you put it like that, then I can’t not go, can I?
Ban: Alri–ght! Then I’ve gotta reserve some place super huge!
Producer: “Some place huge”?
Ban: Well, if I’m gonna get rent something out, then the more open it is the more fun it’ll be, right? I wonder where’d be good? Maybe reserve a concert hall or something…
Producer: Y-You need a place that big!?
Meat! Cake! Party 1 (3)
Ban: Gotta go all out for Christmas, right? And we’ll need a huge cake, seven chickens, and a tree, for sure!
Producer: …By the way, how many people do you intend to have there?
Ban: Umm, Eva-sama, Mio, and the little kids from home, I guess?
Producer: By “little kids”, do you mean you have younger siblings?
Meat! Cake! Party 1 (4)
Ban: Well, kinda like that! I’ve got a big family back at home.
Producer: Even so, renting out a concert hall is a bit…
Producer: If that’s what you want, though, then I know of a good place. How about you leave the location to me?
Ban: Eh?! That okay with you?
Producer: Sure, I’d like to be able to help at least that much.
Meat! Cake! Party 1 (5)
Ban: That makes me so happy! Okay, then after that is the food preparations, and the games, and the party favors, and the decorations, and a super-huge fir tree, and~
Producer: (I guess the fir tree is a must…)
Producer: Say, Jumonji-kun. How about I help you help you in getting everything in order for the Christmas party?
Ban: I can’t let you go that far!
Producer: No no, I’d really like to. And I could probably look at it practice for managing future events.
Meat! Cake! Party 1 (6)
Ban: Well, if you say so…
Ban: Hehe, this is kinda exciting, like some secret strategy meeting.
Producer: Isn’t it? Let’s make a party that everyone who comes will really enjoy.
Meat! Cake! Party 1 (7)
Ban: Roger! I’m gonna go all out on this!


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