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Producer: My meeting ran longer than expected, and now I’m late. I wonder if everyone else is already there?
Ban: Producer! I’ve been waiting!
Producer: Jumonji-kun! What’s with the getup?!
Meat! Cake! Party 2 (1)
Ban: Merry Christmas! And it’s only Christmas if there’s~ ta-da! Fried chicken!
Producer: Ahaha, Merry Christmas, Jumonji-kun. Seems you’ve been busy with the chicken and cake, huh?
Meat! Cake! Party 2 (2)
Ban: Well, I wanted you to be the first one to try the cake so I’ve been defending it with my very life!
Ban: The little guys are real persistent… It’s been pretty hard, you know?
Producer: But it would have been okay if they’d had some before me.
Meat! Cake! Party 2 (3)
Ban: No way! I decided the very least I could do was make sure you were the first person to have some.
Producer: …Why?
Ban: Well, because you said you wanted to try it when we chose this cake, right?
Ban: So after all that you’ve done for me, no way could I start eating it before you!
Producer: I see. …Thank you, Jumonji-kun. Then I guess I’ll have a bite right away.
Producer: Munch, munch… Yup, this is delicious.
Ban: Hehe! I’m so glad you like it. Ah, would you mind if I had a bite, too?
Producer: Sure, go ahead.
Ban: My hands are kinda full at the moment, though, so I’d like it if you fed it to me ♪
Producer: Eh, if I….!?
Meat! Cake! Party 2 (4)
Ban: No good?
Producer: …O-Okay then, say “ahh”.
Ban: Ahhh-! Mm–! It’s really yummy~!
Producer: You sure make it seem delicious. Ah, that’s right. This is…
Ban: What is it?
Producer: Your Christmas present. It’s kind of embarrassing with a feast like this here, but…
Producer: I baked some sweets. I figured that food of some kind would be the natural choice for you. I can’t promise that they’ll taste any good, but…
Ban: Homemade by you…! Is it really okay for me to take these?!
Producer: Ahaha, they’re nothing that great. Just another way for me to thank you for inviting me today.
Ban: ~~! I’m so happy! I’ve never been so moved in my whole life!
Producer: If it made you that happy then it was definitely worth it!
Ban: Ah… But, Producer, I didn’t get anything ready for you… Is there something you’d like?
Ban: I wanna give you a present, too! I’ll go buy anything, so don’t hold back and let me know what you want!
Producer: Hmm… Well, you don’t have to spend any money, so maybe I’d just like something from the heart… I suppose?
Ban: “Something from the heart”… You got it!


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