Meat! Cake! Party 3 (1)
Ban: Producer!
Producer: Ah, you changed into your costume. How is it? Not too cold?
Ban: I’m totally fine! But more importantly, Producer…
Producer: What?
Meat! Cake! Party 3 (2)
Ban: Producer, here, this is a present from me. I made it myself ♪ Thanks for everything you always do ♪
Producer: …You really got something ready for me?
Ban: Well, of course I did. It was a little hard to do so soon before the show, but I worked hard to make it.
Producer: …A red scarf?
Ban: Yup! It was harder than I thought it’d be, but when I thought that it’d make you happy, I felt like I could do it.
Ban: Struggling through it made me think about all of the hard times we’ve been through. So it ended up being fun after all!
Ban: It really is nice to make things yourself. Although I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s so cool that the person who makes the gift can be just as happy by doing it.
Producer: It’s really soft and warm… Thank you, Jumonji-kun. I’ll treasure it.
Meat! Cake! Party 3 (3)
Ban: No, I’m the one who’s grateful that you like it!
Producer: Oh, what are you saying? …Achoo!
Meat! Cake! Party 3 (4)
Ban: Producer, are you cold? I think you should come closer. Or, if not, I’ll put your scarf on for you!
Producer: It’s okay. I can do it myself.
Ban: I’d like to, though. …Would that be bad?
Producer: Well then, won’t you please?
Ban: Uh-huh!
Ban: Oh no. Looks like it’s a bit too long, huh…?
Producer: Haha, not at all. If it’s this long, then… Look. We can both be warm.
Producer: (Although even though it covers my neck and I can wrap it around Jumonji-kun, there’s still plenty left… How long was he knitting for, I wonder?)
Ban: …Hehe, Producer, you’re so nice.
Producer: You’re the nice one here. Did you make this because you knew that I don’t handle being cold very well?
Ban: I just made it because I want you to feel warm inside, is all.
Ban: But that aside, Producer. You really look good in red. You’re the absolute cutest!
Producer: …Thank you, Jumonji-kun.


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