Producer: Okay, now that I’ve bought everything that I wanted to, next up is…
Producer: Oh, that’s Eva-kun over there, isn’t it? I wonder what he’s up to.
Producer: If I’m not mistaken, I think he’s looking at the chocolate display…?
Melty dark chocolate 1 (1)
Eva: Hmm… Stepping into a domain overcome with such a typhoon of women’s desire would be far too dangerous. But to give up here would also be…
Producer: Eva-kun, what are you doing here, of all places?
Eva: Uwahh!? Me-Messiah!?
Producer: Ahaha, no need to be so surprised…
Eva: H-Hmph! I am Bloody Master, and I am all-knowing, you realize?
Melty dark chocolate 1 (2)
Eva: It’s only natural that I would predict you’d come here!
Producer: Yes, yes, as I’d expect of you, Eva-kun. Well? What have you been looking at?
Eva: That would be, um…
Producer: Unless I’m just imagining it, I thought you were looking at the Valentine’s chocolate display.
Melty dark chocolate 1 (3)
Eva: …I suppose that I can’t hide it from you, now that it’s come to this.
Producer: …So then, who are you giving it to?
Eva: It is a festival, after all. I supposed that’s it’s only natural for a master to give chocolate to his servants…
Producer: Oh, I see! I bet those two will be thrilled with that.
Melty dark chocolate 1 (4)
Eva: Yes, I suppose they would be. Seeing those two happy also fills me with joy.
Eva: Though I had thought that I’d keep anyone from knowing I was getting some ready for them…
Melty dark chocolate 1 (5)
Eva: But the passion of these women so overpowers this wicked spirit of mine that I cannot get close.
Producer: (…It certainly would be tough to go into the middle of all of that, even for Eva-kun.)
Producer: Well, if that’s the problem you’re dealing with, I can certainly help you out.
Eva: Hmm! As I’d thought, your name is not just for show after all, Messiah!
Producer: (Although you’re the one who gave me that name, Eva-kun.)
Eva: Then you shall go buy the chocolate for those two in my stead, shall you?
Producer: I mean, I could do that, but that’s not what I meant.
Eva: Hmm?
Producer: What do you say we make some chocolate together? I can help you with that sort of thing.
Eva: “Make some chocolate”, you say…!?
Producer: Yeah, that’s right. If you’re going to bother with all of this, then I think they’d be really happy if it’s handmade!
Eva: But I’ve never made chocolate before, you know!?
Producer: It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ve made it before, so we’ll be good. It isn’t as hard as you think it is.
Eva: Is that so? …Well, if you say so, Messiah, then it can’t be helped.
Melty dark chocolate 1 (6)
Eva: Let us collaborate our efforts for the sake of Bloody Master’s servants! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!


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