Producer: Well then, shall we get straight to work?
Melty dark chocolate 2 (1)
Eva: …I suppose there’s no choice. Although I’m feeling limitless hesitation about using my powers in such matters.
Eva: But even so, if it will bring joy to my servants, then I will risk all of my power in helping you to make this dessert.
Producer: Then what do you say we get started? Although, what we’re making today is really very simple. I’d say it just about comes down to melting the chocolate down and then getting it to solidify again.
Melty dark chocolate 2 (2)
Eva: Melting it down and then solidifying it…? What on earth does that mean?
Producer: What does it mean? … Well, I guess I mean that you take plain old chocolate, and change it into a different shape that you think suits the person you’re giving it to.
Eva: My… Women think these things through so deeply… But if it’s nothing more than that, then it seems that I’m certainly capable of doing this!
Producer: That’s the spirit, Eva-kun. I’m sure we can definitely whip up something that’ll make those two happy. Let’s both do our best!
Eva: Okay, so the first thing to do is melt the chocolate we prepared in the bowl, wasn’t it?
Producer: Right, right. Then you stack the bowl with the chocolate on top of the bowl with the hot water, and the heat from the water will melt the chocolate.
Eva: I see… Okay, I’ll give it a shot. …Like this?
Producer: You’re good at this, Eva-kun. Seems like you’ll be able to make something really good.
Melty dark chocolate 2 (3)
Eva: Fufu, I can handle this much work quite easi– Uwah!?
Producer: Eh!?
Eva: Uu-!
Producer: !? Eva-kun, are you okay!?
Eva: Ow… My head feels like it’s gonna split open!
Producer: Ah–… And you’re… You’re covered all over in chocolate… Why’d this have to happen right after we just got it melted…?
Melty dark chocolate 2 (4)
Eva: I-It’s not as if I’d wanted for this to happen!
Eva: I- I just got a little carried away and lost my footing, and then the bowl went flying and hit me in the head…
Producer: I understand, so just calm down. I’m glad you didn’t get splashed with the hot water… You’re not burned, are you?
Eva: I’m fine as far as that’s concerned…
Producer: The real problem here is the chocolate, huh… Hmm, there’s tons of it, even on your hair and clothes.
Producer: I’ll wipe down the floor, so go ahead to the bathroom and take a shower, Eva-kun.
Eva: I- I’m so ashamed of myself…
Producer: There’s no need for you to be; it’s all good. There’s still plenty of chocolate left, anyway.
Eva: Ah… Messiah, stand still for a minute.
Producer: Hm? What’s this about, all of a sudden…?
Eva: Some chocolate landed on your lips just now.
Producer: Ah, so you’re getting it off for me? Thanks.
Eva: …..
Eva: Are these lips of yours sweeter than everything else here that you have? …I suppose I’ll find out for myself.
Producer: Eh? Ah, Eva-kun…
Producer: (He wiped away the chocolate on my lips and licked it…)
Eva: Hmm, it is sweet. …Sorry, I’m going to step out for a bit.
Producer: Okay… See you, then?
Melty dark chocolate 2 (5)
Eva: Ahhh~…! I was so embarrassed about falling over that I just… Oh man, what am I doing~!?


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