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Melty dark chocolate 3 (1)
Eva: Hmm… So this is our set this time.
Producer: Yup. They tried to make everything all red specifically for Valentine’s Day.
Producer: All of the other Aichuu are shooting on this set, too, but… Somehow, when you stand in the middle of it, it feels a lot less ornate than it usually does.
Producer: I thought that it really stood out against the others when they were here, though.
Melty dark chocolate 3 (2)
Eva: Hmph, there’s no chance that just a surplus of red on the set would be able reach my level.
Eva: We, RE:BERSERK, act only with the grace and beauty that is suited to our glamorous world view.
Eva: But there is nothing to fear. For if you call on me, then I, Bloody Master, shall transfer my own splendor upon this set!
Eva: Why, it’s such a minor thing to do, to call on me. [1]
Producer: Okay, I get it. No matter whether the set looks plain or ostentatious at first glance, I’m sure you of all people can work the set better than anyone else.
Eva: Well, if that is what you so wish for, then I shall grant it.
Producer: …By the way, Eva-kun.
Eva: What is it?
Producer: I was wondering whether or not this would be a bad time to give this to you, but since it doesn’t seem like I’ll have any other time I could, I’ll give it to you now.
Melty dark chocolate 3 (3)
Eva: Well, now. It seems you’re quite aware of your standing to make an offering to me. Let me see, I shall assess this offering of yours…
Producer: This is chocolate just for you, Eva-kun. Since we were only able to make some for Mio-kun and Ban-kun the other day. This is from me to you.
Eva: Wha-… Y- you’re giving this to me, Messiah…?
Producer: Yep. Why don’t you try one right now? They might not be anything fancy, but I think they’re good in their own way.
Eva: …It’s delicious.
Producer: Phew… I’m glad. It’s been a while since I’ve made anything like this, so I was a bit worried.
Eva: I shall gladly accept these hidden feelings of yours.
Eva: The sweets of a maiden’s love aren’t half bad… It’s as though I know what your love tastes like.
Producer: The taste of love, huh? That’s a little embarrassing, though it is a beautiful way of putting it.
Producer: Be sure to eat the rest after the shoot’s over, okay?
Eva: Of course. I’ll savor them. …And then, after that…
Producer: After that?
Melty dark chocolate 3 (4)
Eva: Once the shoot has concluded, shall we… I mean, no. Do you want to hang out for a bit?
Producer: …Sure, that’s fine, but why?
Eva: …..
Producer: Eva-kun?
Eva: …Drawing from my past experience, I’ve also made some chocolate for you!
Melty dark chocolate 3 (5)
Eva: I will bless unto you my own hidden feelings!
Producer: ! Thank you, Eva-kun! I’m looking forward to it.
Eva: ~~! I’m glad… Thank you, [Name].



  1. There’s a little bit of an undertone here in that this can mean “call on me” or “come under my control”

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