Michiru Kagari
篝ミチル, Kagari Michiru
Michiru Kagari
The mature iKids!
"I'm Michiru Kagari. Toya-san took care of me many times. So I ended up depending on Toya-san as well... I need to get a grip!"
Age 9
Birthday April 18th
Blood Type AB
Height 133 cm
Weight 28 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Keeping things organized
Fave Food Miso soup
LeastFave Food Eel
Looks up to Toya Honoki
Group sweet step


An elementary school boy who seems very mature. He is like an assistant to Haruto.


Michiru Kagari N (Momiji no hosomichi) Michiru Kagari N (Tsuikai no Gentiana) Michiru Kagari N (Kakujusenzai no maikagura) Michiru Kagari N

Character LinesEdit

I'm Michiru Kagari. My charm points are my ponytail and glasses.
When I took part in modelling, for some reason there were offers from girl magazines...
I want to be an adult who is kind to everyone like Toya-san!
I often get mistaken as an older sister when I walk with Haruto.
Keji-kun is such a good boy. He's actually a very honest kid.
Story Please choose a story that you like.
Main Story Which chapter would you like to see? I'm interested too!
Well, shall we read the story?
Love Story Love story? Fufu~ it feels a bit embarrassing, somehow.
I wonder which story makes one's heart pound.
Shop It's the shop. Would you like to pay a visit?
Disk Purchase Let's carefully choose on what to buy.
Friends Let's read friend's info together.
Other If something troubles you, do come here.

Affection StoryEdit

Becoming grown-up

Michiru Kagari - Becoming grown-up (1)
Michiru: Oh my, Haruto ran away without me in a hurry again. I wonder what he found this time.
Michiru: Hey, Miss. What do you think Haruto has found?
Michiru: Ahaha, don't be so surprised. You were watching us up until now after all, Miss.
Michiru: Are you perhaps from this school? We are from the neighboring school building.
Michiru: You were concerned about us and followed us, right? But we're fine.
Michiru: This isn't the first time we sneaked into this area. I know the way back perfectly.
Michiru: After all we're not kids that can't do anything unless we're holding onto an adult's hand.
Michiru: Ah, Haruto just called me. I have to go. Well then. See you, Miss.

The Tenjyou Tenge I look up to

Michiru Kagari - The Tenjyou Tenge I look up to (1)
Michiru: Oh, Miss, why are you here? Ah, did you perhaps come here to look for me?
Michiru: But it's not like I'm lost. However, this is the first time I've been at such a huge hall, it's a little unusual...
Michiru: It's already time for the rehearsal? Then I need to change into the costume quickly. ... Could you take me to the waiting room?
Michiru Kagari - The Tenjyou Tenge I look up to (2)
Michiru: How is it? Today Toya-san and me will dance in this costume together. I wonder why Tenjyou Tenge's moves are so complicated...
Michiru: Miss, have you danced before? Unlike the songs of the other seniors, there seem to be a lot of fine movements involved.
Michiru: But I also understand why when I'm wearing this costume. To dance in this costume is part of the choreography!
Michiru: Fufu, if you don't understand the meaning of this I'll teach it you. After the rehearsal.
Michiru: Until then please have a look at my performance!

Secret help

Michiru Kagari - Secret help (1)
Michiru: Ah, good morning, Miss!
Michiru: It's finally today... Even though I'm only able to help a little, my chest is pounding.
Michiru: I hope Toya-san's entry commemoration Live goes well. I also have to work hard so I won't make any mistakes...!
Michiru Kagari - Secret help (2)
Michiru: Alright... alright! It's almost time for Tsubaki-san and the others to arrive. I'm getting nervous...!
Michiru: Eh...? You're giving this flower to me?
Michiru: ... It's the same flower that the stage is decorated with. What is that flower called?
Michiru: A gentian (rindou) ... The same as Tsubaki-san's name. Because of that, Toya-san had this flower...
Michiru: For some reason, this gives me courage!
Michiru: I will do the best I can do. I want to see the happy faces of Toya-san and the others.
Michiru: Like you have done to me, I hope I can relief Toya-san's nervousness...

A handkerchief of gratitude

Michiru Kagari - A handkerchief of gratitude (1)
Michiru: Hello, Miss.
Michiru: You'd like to know what I'm doing? I'm searching for evidence together with Haruto.
Michiru: I was asked by Haruto to search together with him for the handkerchief that Toya-san lost.
Michiru: We're sure that the handkerchief is related to a major case.
Michiru: You'd like to search together with us? Thank you very much.
Michiru Kagari - A handkerchief of gratitude (2)
Michiru: I'll be in your care today, Miss.
Michiru: Right, after you returned to your work, Toya-san's handkerchief was found and safely delivered.
Michiru: Toya-san was really happy.
Michiru: But fortunately it turned out the handkerchief wasn't related to any big case, Haruto was very relieved.
Michiru: And as a thanks, Toya-san bought a matching handkerchief for me.
Michiru: Ah, and you will get something as a thanks for helping me search too. Here, a matching handkerchief with me.
Michiru: Fufu, I'm glad you like it.

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Birthday QuotesEdit

Own You remembered my birthday! That makes me happy!
Keji Keji-kun, happy birthday! I look forward to working with you in the future too!
Toya Toya-san, I wish you a happy birthday! Ufufu!
Producer I wish you a happy birthday! Have a good day.