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Mimi Arisugawa
有栖川ミミ, Arisugawa Mimi
Mimi Arisugawa
Girl? Crossdressing iKids!
Age 5
Birthday August 24th
Blood Type 0
Height 104 cm
Weight 13 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill
Fave Food
LeastFave Food
Looks up to Saku Uruha
Group baby hop



Mimi Arisugawa N

Character LinesEdit

Because Akari is cute he is Mimi's rival!
Mimi loves cute dresses~♪
The light that Saku-chan has shines beautifully!
Rara always quietly helps Mimi!
Mimi is Arisugawa Mimi! Even if it doesn't look like it, he is a boy♪
Story What story do you look at? Mimi wants to see it too!
Main Story That part of Mimi is cute too!
It's the story of the Onii-chans!
Love Story My heart throbs!
Shop Are you shopping?
Disk Purchase Are you buying for Mimi?
Friends Mimi has a lot of friends too!
Other You can do a lot of things here!

Affection StoryEdit

Taking a walk♪

Mimi Arisugawa - Taking a walk (1)
Mimi: Runrunrun ♪ Today Mimi is the cutest one in the world too ♪
Mimi: --Hm? Onee-san, who are you?
Mimi: Mimi? Mimi is Mimi Arisugawa. A dress-loving crossdresser!
Mimi: Ehehe, are you surprised? Because Mimi is cute he looks like a girl, right?
Mimi: Mimi has an older twin brother named Rara, however, Rara is also very cute!
Mimi: Mimi wants Onee-san to meet Rara too, but Mimi just doesn't know where Rara went, you know?
Mimi: Ah, there he is! Rara-!
Mimi: Mimi will call Rara over here, so wait here, Onee-san!

Birthday QuotesEdit

Producer It's onee-san's birthday? We have to celebrate!


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