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Mine only 1 (1)
Cameraman: That’s good, Mio-kun– perfect. Could you look over here and smile while you’re stirring the pot?
Mio: Okaaay, does this work?
Cameraman: Uh-huh, that’s great! Okay, now just do whatever you feel like, just like you’d normally do it. Don’t pay any attention to the camera.
Mio: Like I’d normally do it…
Mine only 1 (2)
Mio: That bitch… Lecherously gazing at Eva-sama like that… Whatever will become of her if she’s going to do that to my Eva-sama…? I’m going to take my revenge on her…
Mio: Fufu, fufufufu….
Cameraman: …It kind of seems like a switch has flipped or something.
Producer: It’s the first time I’ve seen Yamanobe-kun look like that, too.
Cameraman: …Well, it’s still a good shot in it’s own unique way, but does this seem okay to you, Producer?
Producer: Yes, please go ahead and take as many photos as you’d like.
Mine only 1 (3)
Mio: There’s no way that I could ever forgive you, after all…
Producer: (Ahaha… But he definitely is scary… I suppose.)
Producer: Good work, Yamanobe-kun.
Mine only 1 (4)
Mio: You too, Producer-san. How was my photoshoot?
Producer: Good. We took a lot of pictures that look just as good as the next. They’ll decide on one that work well with Eva-kun and Jumonji-kun’s later.
Producer: I think that this pamphlet will turn out well for sure.
Mio: That’s good, I’m glad.
Producer: But anyway, that was really cool, wasn’t it? The scene with you stirring the pot at the very end. Although I was worried at the beginning about how it would turn out.
Producer: I’d have never thought they’d be able to take a picture that would turn out to be something like that.
Mio: Well, that’s ‘cause I’m always doing that sort of thing. Though it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve churned a cauldron without really thinking about much.
Producer: Are you worried about something? If you’re all right with talking to me, I could listen, but…
Mio: I’m not sure if I’m worried about something, per se. I don’t think that I have a reason to be, but… I can’t really say for sure myself.
Mio: I’ve caught myself thinking about absolutely nothing but that, recently.
Producer: What’s “that”?
Mine only 1 (5)
Mio: I don’t know how you really feel, Producer-san… No matter what I do lately, your face just keeping appearing in my mind.
Producer: How I… really feel?


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