Minoru Nekota
猫田実, Nekota Minoru
Minoru Nekota
The cat-like iKids!
"I'm Minoru Nekota! I'll prank you together with Big Bro Satsuki, so prepare yourself!"
Age 4
Birthday January 5th
Blood Type B
Height 106 cm
Weight 14 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Basking in the sun
Fave Food Dried squid
LeastFave Food Hot food
Looks up to Satsuki Kururugi
Group baby hop


A fickle iKid. He is a terrible brat and likes to do things others dislike. He is on good terms with Keji.


Minoru Nekota N (Melty Summer Kiss) Minoru Nekota N (Itazura Working!) Minoru Nekota N

Character LinesEdit

I'm Minoru Nekota! I often hear that I'm like a cat! Meow~!
I love pranking people! I like seeing people's surprised faces!
Big Bro Satsuki is my teacher! He'll teach me today too~!
Keji is a great guy! That's why I won't forgive anyone who makes Keji cry!
Kunio is so pitiful, he got bad luck even without me having to prank him.
Story Go choose a story that you like!
Main Story Choose what you like!
Which story did you choose?
Love Story What is love story? Is it an interesting tale?
Choose your favorite story!
Shop It's the shop! Are there any pranking tools?
Disk Purchase I wonder which I should choose~?
Friends It's your friend's info!
Other It can do lots of things! Can it do pranks too?

Affection StoryEdit


Minoru Nekota - Whim (1)
Minoru: Oh no, caught you already. However, I thought it would be more troublesome defeating an adult at tag.
Minoru: I won't get caught by some woman. I'm not finished yet~
Minoru: I'm no~t. I'm Minoru Nekota. If you call us two weird again, I won't forgive you, okay?
Minoru: Oh, speaking of which, where is Keji? I thought we were together until a moment ago.
Minoru: Do you know where Keji went? Huh? You don't know who Keji is?
Minoru: Keji is just the coolest. No matter what, he is my best friend.
Minoru: That's just how it is. While playing tag around here is fun, it's pretty boring without Keji.
Minoru: Hey, don't go away. You have to help me search for Keji.
Minoru: I can't search through this huge place by myself, right?

Cat ears!!

Minoru Nekota - Cat ears (1)
Minoru: Ah! I remember you. Why are you here?
Minoru: I'm working! Today big bro Satsuki and me are going to wear matching outfits. That's why I'm super duper excited.
Minoru: No way, don't tell me you don't know big bro Satsuki? Your face is suspicious...
Minoru: Alright, just wait here! I'll show you the matching clothes!
Minoru Nekota - Cat ears (2)
Minoru: Ta-dah! How's that! It's cool, right?
Minoru: Especially these here! The ears!
Minoru: I quickly need to show it to Keji too.
Minoru: Speaking of Keji, he isn't here. I wonder where he went.
Minoru: Hey, you. Haven you seen Keji anywhere?

Big bro and pranks

Minoru Nekota - Big bro and pranks (1)
Minoru: Hey! Try to look inside your bag!
Minoru: I was the one who put this toy snake inside it. You got startled, right?
Minoru: Hey, why are you not surprised in the least!
Minoru: Eeh, big bro Satsuki already did that? Hehe. As I'd expect of big bro Satsuki!
Minoru Nekota - Big bro and pranks (2)
Minoru: Today, big bro Satsuki and me will have a photo shooting together!
Minoru: Today it seems okay to make the walls and clothes dirty!
Minoru: Even though I always get scolded for that, it's amazing that idols even can do bad things for their work!
Minoru: That's why I've brought my best pranking tools with me.
Minoru: I can show them to you... But I changed my mind!

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Today is my birthday! Give me a wonderful present!
Kunio I hope nothing unfortunate happens on Kunio’s birthday.
Satsuki Let’s celebrate for big bro Satsuki! I’ll show him the results of my special training!
Producer It’s your brithday! I’ll prank you to celebrate~!


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