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Master refers to me as 'Servant'~ ♪ How about you?
Seiya I got the nickname 'Star Night' from Eva! Cool, isn't it?
Kanata Eva often calls me 'Crimson Angel'.[1]
Akira I don't think he gave me any nickname.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Kanata calls me 'Sacchan', but the suffix '-chan' suits Mutsuki better!
Mutsuki I got called 'Mukkun' by Kanata-kun, and 'Zwei' by Eva-sama.[2]
Noah I don't think I've been given any. Won't you give me a good nickname?
Leon I've never been given nicknames. Won't you give me one, Producer?
Chaoyang None... Won't Producer come up a nickname with me?
Rabi I really think that the nickname 'Rabirabi' from Kanata doesn't suit me.
Lucas ... There's none.
Torahiko I'm often called 'Tora-chan'. Do you want to call me that way too, Producer?
Kyosuke Eva-kun calls me 'Innocent One'~! That's so Chuuni[3]!
Akio Many people call me 'Akki', but I don't really hate it...
Shiki Kyou-chan calls me 'Shikitty'. Everyone is free to call me that too.
Hikaru Kyousuke calls me 'Hikarun'. Do you want to try calling me that way too?
Raku I got the nickname 'White Beard' from Eva. I don't have a beard, though...
Kokoro There's none... Producer! Give Kokoro-chan a suitable nickname!
Runa Though I'm reluctant to admit it... I was once called 'Tsukki'...
Momosuke I told you, don't call me Momosuke~
Issei I'll beat you up if you give me any nicknames...
Futami NEET. I know... Don't say anything more than that!
Takamichi I don't like nicknames. I want you to call me just as usual...
Eva Call me 'Bloody Master'.
Ban 'BanBan', 'Jucchi', 'Glutton Boy'... I think I've been called many names...
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki For some time, he called me 'Banchou'. In fact, I was really leading him, though...
Toya I was nicknamed 'Ton-chan' when I was still a student.
Tatsumi 'Tattsu', 'Madara'... There were times when I was called by those nicknames.
Aoi Kakki. But it doesn't make me that happy when I'm called like that...
Kuro Kuro, but using hiraganas. It feels like a cat's name so I don't like it.[4]
Saku I don't remember what other people used to call me.
Baber A lot of people called me Baberun.

Offer me sacrifices! Hm? I'm asking for your favorite part of your own body! ♪
Seiya These blue eyes! Want to take a closer look at them?
Kanata My forehead, maybe~? Everyone said that it's cute~!
Akira Fingers, maybe? Seiya and Kanata complimented them sometimes before.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki The nape of my neck, maybe? What is it, Producer? Do you want to take a closer look?
Mutsuki Maybe the nape of my neck... Do you want to see?
Noah Right. This silky hair of mine. It's beautiful, right?
Leon Fingers! Aren't my fingers pretty?
Chaoyang Uuh... I wonder which one is my favorite...
Rabi My arms, I guess.
Lucas My eyes. I like them.
Torahiko These teeth. I can bite anything off with them, you know?
Kyosuke This unruly hair! It can move up and down!
Akio None...
Shiki Maybe these eyes~ Cute, aren't they?
Hikaru I love everything about myself!
Raku Fingers. They're beautiful, right?
Kokoro My cheeks! They're squishy, you know? Mio, would you like to touch them?
Runa My hair. Would you like to touch it?
Momosuke My squishy-looking upper arms maybe~
Issei Hands. They're full of scars as I've punched a lot of people up until now...
Futami My charm point is my naturally curly hair and my droopy eyes.
Takamichi My earlobes. They're very soft.
Eva These mismatched colored eyes of mine... They're not colored contact lenses!
Ban My stomach! It's an invincible stomach that won't get fatter no matter how much I eat!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Nape. Aoi often touched it while saying that it feels nice.
Toya Perhaps my ankles... A little bit maniacal, isn't it?
Tatsumi Eyes. I'm taking care so they won't get dirtied.
Aoi My face. I'm preserving my beauty after all.
Kuro My voice. Singing is my life after all.
Saku These hands who can touch Producer-chan.
Baber I like my eyes....

Do you believe that ghosts exist? I think that it's nothing weird if they really exist~
Seiya G-g-g-ghosts!? O-of course I don't believe in them!
Kanata Ghosts? Hm~ how about you, Rabirabi? Do you believe in them?
Akira I believe in them. There, right behind you...
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki There's no way they exist. Akio looks like he believes in them, though~
Mutsuki I don't believe in them.
Noah Ghosts? There's no way they exist! My voice is shaking? That's just your imagination!
Leon At least I want ghosts of beautiful ladies to exist!
Chaoyang I think they do, but I'm a bit scared... What if they curse us...
Rabi Ghosts? I've never seen them but I suppose they exist.
Lucas There's no way they exist.
Torahiko I saw a ghost once! She had this pale face... Nishishi!
Kyosuke I believe they do~ They're good story materials too.
Akio I believe ghosts do exist... I'm sure that there's one behind you too...
Shiki I believe so. Of course they'll be something like Akio, right?
Hikaru Don't they? Well, I'm sure they won't come out because they were frightened by my beauty.
Raku I've never seen one.
Kokoro Kyaaa! Kokoro is afraid of ghosts! Eh? That sounded too monotone? You're annoying!
Runa Yes, of course I do!
Momosuke Ghosts!? There's-there's no way they exist~
Issei There's no way they do! Give me a more serious question!
Futami I d-don't b-believe i-in them!
Takamichi I don't believe in them! There's no way they exist!
Eva I believe so... I definitely believe so!
Ban I-I think ghosts really exist...
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Ghosts? That sort of thing, there's no way they exist, right?
Toya I'm sure they do exist. I've never seen them, but it seems my sister can see them.
Tatsumi I don't want to believe in them!
Aoi I don't believe in them. As if I'll believe in something so unscientific like that.
Kuro There's no way ghosts exist.
Saku I have never seen them, but don't they exist?
Baber I am sure ghosts exist.


  1. It was 'Eternal Rabbit' before it was amended.
  2. Zwei is the german word for two.
  3. Short for chuunibyou.
  4. Actually, this needs a bit of explanation. Kuro's name is pronounced as Kurou, but in the romanization the u was cut off. The nickname people have for him is not only written in hiragana, but also pronounced without the u

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