Producer: (The demo of the new song Rabi-kun gave me is a really nice song.)
Producer: (But the song is only Lucas-kun's guitar, however... I wonder how it'll sound like when they perform it. I wonder what kind of lyrics it'll get.)
Producer: When this song is finished, it'll be surely feel lot cooler and more energetic than the demo.
Producer: Lalalala-♪
Miraculous Singing Voice 1 (1)
Noah: Lalalala-♪
Producer: !?
Noah: Are you surprised?
Producer: Because I didn't think the singer himself would show up.
Miraculous Singing Voice 1 (2)
Noah: But I was surprised too? I can't believe you remembered the melody already.
Noah: But I heard you were only given the demo, Sensei? I wonder if Lucas' playing is your favorite?
Producer: Don't be mean. I can't help but look forward to what everyone's going to contribute to the melody.
Noah: That's good. Because if you were satisfied with just the demo, then we'd be in a bind.
Producer: But you don't really look worried about that?
Miraculous Singing Voice 1 (3)
Noah: Oh my? You got me.
Producer: Geez... apart from that, is the arrangement going well?
Noah: Yes, but it's going to become a different thing than what Lucas has in mind.
Producer: But won't Lucas-kun get angry?
Miraculous Singing Voice 1 (4)
Noah: No way. Because when we would only do the things Lucas wants to do, then we wouldn't be a band.
Noah: Currently everyone is in the process of exploring about how they can best play the song respectively.
Noah: It's an interesting thing. If only one person changes their playstyle, everyone else needs to change their sound accordingly too.
Noah: And an entirely different expression materializes.
Noah: Despite it being the same melody, the way it's sung can change too.
Noah: Even the meaning of the lyrics has differences, I heard Chaoyang was deeply moved.
Producer: ... Heh. Well then, I have a lot to study at the next recording.
Miraculous Singing Voice 1 (5)
Noah: I can't allow that.
Producer: Why?
Noah: I want you to listen to the finished song.
Producer: I see. Well then, I'll wait in anticipation.
Noah: Yes. Please look forward to it.
Noah: But that said, I'll let you listen to my singing if you'd like.
Producer: Eh, is that fine?
Noah: Only for you, my beloved, it's a special.

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