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Miraculous Singing Voice 2 (1)
Noah: Hm-
Noah: ......
Producer: (His expression changed.)
Producer: (When Noah-kun is singing, his atmosphere is somewhat different than usual.)
Producer: (As if my sense of reality was gone... or should I say, the atmosphere feels magical.)
Noah: Fufu. Why do you have such a tense expression on your face if you're about to listen to a song?
Producer: !? Because, because you said you'll sing that song just for me...
Miraculous Singing Voice 2 (2)
Noah: It makes you tense when I'm singing a song for you?
Producer: ... Are you making fun of me?
Noah: Ahaha, Japanese sure is difficult. I had no ill intentions with this. You've heard it, Sensei. Make sure to teach me in the future.
Producer: ... Just hurry up and let me hear you sing.
Noah: Fufu. I guess I have no choice... Please listen properly, okay?
Noah: ~~♪
Producer: (... Amazing. The moment he began to sing, the atmosphere changed.)
Producer: (Noah's voice has a feeling of transparency. Like this song is speaking directly to me. It's appealing to my heart.)
Producer: (As the music swells, I'm getting rapidly drawn in. So this is the appearance of Noah-kun as a vocalist...)
Noah: Sensei?
Producer: Hm... Why did you stop singing? It was especially good just now.
Miraculous Singing Voice 2 (3)
Noah: Well, because you made a face like that.
Producer: A face like that...? Eh, I made a weird face?
Noah: That's not what I mean.
Noah: Somehow, you looked like you were crying. Why did you cry? Was this song not good?
Producer: I seemed to cry...? Oh...
Producer: (It's true. There are tears in my eyes...)
Producer: I guess I was moved? Noah-kun, because your voice is pretty, powerful, but gentle... and warm.
Noah: Your heart is pure, isn't it...
Producer: It's nothing like that...
Noah: Fufu... I can't help but wanting to embrace you tightly.
Producer: Wha-...! Quit joking around.
Noah: Why would you assume that I'm joking?
Producer: (Noah-kun's arms...!)
Producer: That you would really embrace me... What are you thinking, Noah-kun?
Miraculous Singing Voice 2 (4)
Noah: Of course I am only thinking about you.
Noah: Listening to my song got such a reaction out of you, I can't just do nothing right in front of you.
Noah: Or do you think this badly of me as a man?
Producer: Eh!? I'm, I'm sorry. There is something I need to do!
Miraculous Singing Voice 2 (5)
Noah: Ah.
Noah: She's gone.
Noah: At any rate, she really is a fun person to tease.

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