Producer: Hah...
Producer: (Somehow it's it's hard to face him, but I've avoided him this entire time, so I have no excuse, I guess.)
Producer: (But after what happened last time, how am I even supposed to look him in the eyes...!?)
Miraculous Singing Voice 3 (1)
Noah: Producer.
Producer: No-noah-kun...
Miraculous Singing Voice 3 (2)
Noah: Why didn't you come to see me the last few days?
Producer: ... I've been unexpectedly busy, so that's why I couldn't see you.
Noah: Lies... Actually, you seem to be aware of me?
Noah: I recall it was the other day, that...
Producer: That, that's, that's not true.
Noah: So? Well, but why don't you make eye contact then?
Producer: That's...
Miraculous Singing Voice 3 (3)
Noah: If that's not true, look at me.
Producer: ......
Noah: Come on, hurry up.
Producer: ............
Noah: ............
Producer: (Just say something... Staring at each other in silence is really tough, isn't it!)
Noah: ... Pff.
Producer: Heh?
Miraculous Singing Voice 3 (4)
Noah: Ahaha!
Noah: You're making a really scary face, Producer!
Noah: Fu... fufu!
Producer: Wh-what! You said to make eye contact, laughing at it is really rude, you know!
Noah: Pff, I'm sorry, it seems like I've teased you too much. Fufu!
Producer: (He's still laughing... But his laughing face looks unexpectedly childish... wait, that's not what I wanted to say!)
Producer: Aside from that, what did you come to me for?
Noah: Ah, right, it's about today's promotional shooting. I wanted to discuss in what kind of style I should sing with you.
Noah: What do you think, Producer? Something refreshing? Or something fun? In order to encourage?
Producer: Hm... I think whatever matches the song... That's it!
Noah: Did you get an idea?
Producer: The song this time is like a cheerful sports song, right?
Producer: Then I say, everyone in I♥B should try playing soccer, maybe you'll find out what style of singing suits best!
Noah: Kuku... ahaha! This answer is beyond my expectations!
Producer: Eh, wait, Noah-kun? Why are you laughing again?
Noah: No, I just never thought I would get an answer like that!
Miraculous Singing Voice 3 (5)
Noah: Since the number of people isn't enough if we're playing soccer, let's also invite Seiya and the others, okay?
Producer: You're definitely making fun of me I think... But I really do mean what I'm saying.
Noah: I'm serious about my suggestion too, you know? It's going to be very interesting, won't it?
Noah: Hey, Producer.
Noah: Thank you. I've never met a woman like you before...
Producer: Nh!
Noah: So, then in this case I will go and contact Seiya.
Noah: This will be a really fun soccer match.♪

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