Moegi Koga
黄河萌葱, Kouga Moegi
Moegi Koga
The righteous iKids!
"My name is Moegi Koga~! Mio-oneechan taught me a spell to beat bad guys! Isn't that great~?"
Age 8
Birthday February 16th
Blood Type A
Height 125 cm
Weight 23 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Forward sommersault
Fave Food Fried shrimp
LeastFave Food Liver
Looks up to Mio Yamanobe
Group sweet step


A cheerful and lively character, the type to be liked by everyone. On the other side, he has a strong sense of justice too.


Moegi Koga N (Teiou e no Rhapsody) Moegi Koga N (Shinku no ito no en) Moegi Koga N

Character LinesEdit

It's Moegi Koga! My redeeming feature is my cheerfulness!
Bullying is bad! It's the best when everyone gets along with each other!
Mio-oneechan said that he's not an Onee-chan but an Onii-chan!
Taichi-kun looked sleepy today too so I surprised him from behind!
I'll feel sad if Wakashi-kun feels sad, so I always try to make him smile!
Story It's a good thing that we can look at your favorite story!
Main Story From which chapter do you want to see?
Let's choose your favorite story!
Love Story Love story? That's still a little early for me...
Let's read your favorite story!
Shop This is the shop!
Disk Purchase We need to be careful to not buy too much!
Friends I want to look at your friend's info! I want to!
Other It said that we can do a lot of things here!

Affection StoryEdit

Sense of justice

Moegi Koga - Sense of justice (1)
Moegi: Yahoo! Hello, Miss. Do you belong to this school, Miss?
Moegi: I'm Moegi Koga. I came over from the neighboring school building to look for new friends.
Moegi: I'm in the middle of "Operation☆Make 100 friends"!
Moegi: Ah, by the way, friend number 1 is called Wakashi-kun.
Moegi: He knows a lot more things than I do, he's a walking dictionary.
Moegi: Although he is a little shy, he is a really good person.
Moegi: ... Huh? Speaking of him, where did Wakashi-kun go?
Moegi: Up until now I was holding his hand.
Moegi: What should I do, Miss? I lost Wakashi-kun!
Moegi: Can you help me search for him?
Moegi: Alright! Let's hold hands too, so that you won't get lost, Miss!

Cheering together

Moegi Koga - Cheering together (1)
Moegi: Ah, Miss! Hello. Did you come to see the Live today too, Miss?
Moegi: I really wanted to go to Mio-onee-chan's Live too, so I asked him to arrange tickets for me.
Moegi: Ehehe, Mio-onee-chan is very friendly. I wonder if it's because I said that Eva-sama is really cool?
Moegi: Very pretty clothes for the Live today got made too, you know? Ah! I'll show them to you too, Miss.
Moegi: Please wait here!
Moegi Koga - Cheering together (2)
Moegi: Ta-dah! Aren't they amazing? Matching clothes with Mio-onee-chan, right?
Moegi: The day I got these clothes I was so happy, I was running around in them the whole day at school.
Moegi: Because of that they got a little dirty already.
Moegi: While wearing these, I become Mio-onee-chan and can do my best to cheer lots and lots for Eva-sama!
Moegi: Since Mio-onee-chan can not cheer together with us, we have to cheer for him too!

Everyone gets along!

Moegi Koga - Everyone gets along (1)
Moegi: Miss! What a coincidence that we meet here. What are you doing?
Moegi: Ah, could it be that you're going to watch Mio-onee-chan's photo shooting?
Moegi: We're going to take just a few photos together today.
Moegi: It was a favor I asked of Eva-sama when I met him earlier!
Moegi: I'm looking forward to what kind of photo shooting it'll be. Ehehe, you too, right, Miss?
Moegi: I'm sure the photo shooting is at a very beautiful place.
Moegi Koga - Everyone gets along (2)
Moegi: Uwaah, amazing...! Look, look, Miss! There's so many red strings!
Moegi: And I'll also have photos taken among these... For some reason my heart is starting to pound...!
Moegi: Ah! Over there are Eva-sama and Mio-onee-chan! And Ban-kun too!
Moegi: Everyone gets along so well, I'm jealous... It makes me feel just a bit lonely.
Moegi: ... Miss, could you stay with me for a while until I'm not lonely anymore...?

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Today is my birthday~! I want to hold a party!
Taichi Today is Taichi-kuns birthday, so I will give him an eye mask!
Mio Happy birthday Mio-oneechan! I gathered some medical herbs for you!
Producer Happy birthday! Thank you for being born!!

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