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Momiji no hosomichi Part 1 (1)
Toya: (Today I prepared a deluxe edition of canned cat food for them!)
Toya: (It's not good to pamper stray cats, but they're so adorable that I ended up spoiling them...)
Toya: (Well then... Where are they... Huh?)
Momiji no hosomichi Part 1 (2)
Issei: The hell... Don't get too clingy to me!
Shinya: Meow.
Issei: Tch...!
Toya: (That's... Issei-kun? Why is he here?)
Issei: !? Who's there!?
Momiji no hosomichi Part 1 (3)
Toya Ah... Good afternoon. What a coincidence to meet you here...
Issei: ...
Shinya & Mahiru: Meow?
Toya: Uhm... These cats, the black one is Shinya, while the striped one is Mahiru. Though, they're names that I decided on my own.
Toya: They're stray, but it seems they got quite attached to Issei-kun, didn't they?
Toya: People say that animals don't get close to bad people, so I'm sure that these cats knew that Issei-kun is a nice per-
Momiji no hosomichi Part 1 (4)
Issei: Don't say any more than that...
Toya: ... Are you hiding your embarrassment?
Momiji no hosomichi Part 1 (5)
Issei: I'm not!
Shinya & Mahiru: Meow?!
Issei: !?
Momiji no hosomichi Part 1 (6)
Toya: Oh dear... They fled because they got surprised by the loud voice... I suppose I'll just give them the canned food next time.
Issei: You took the trouble of coming here on your day-off just to play with cats? Got a lot of time on your hands, don't you...
Toya: *chuckles* Just recently, I was told that I need to find time to relax, so I was thinking of spending them with the cats to make me feel better.
Issei: Geez... What an easygoing guy. Isn't that why you couldn't take care of your own health and ended up performing badly in the latest live concert?
Toya: Huh? Could it be, you came to watch our latest concert!?
Issei: Tch! It was because Tsubaki forcefully shoved the ticket on me! I had no choice but to go and watch it.
Toya: So that was the case. Dear me... I've shown you something embarrassing, haven't I?
Issei: Really. How careless of you for being unable to take care of your own health despite being a First Generation.
Toya: Ahaha... I have no excuse for that.
Issei: You...! Why are you letting a junior scold you? How about you say some objections to it!?
Toya: Eh? Even if you tell me that, isn't what Issei-kun said earlier right?
Issei: You're difficult to deal with, though of different type than Tsubaki... Seems I just can't stand all members of Tenjyou Tenge.
Toya: That was the first time someone said that to me. If you've watched our latest concert, can you tell me your impression on it?
Issei: ... On your latest live concert, I could see that everyone backed you up due to your bad condition.
Issei: I don't know whether the fans noticed it or not, but I'm sure that people from the same industry could see it too...
Issei: I could also see how united you are as a group. I don't dislike seeing comrades backing up each other like that.
Toya: You watched our performance closely! That makes me happy...
Issei: ... You really are a difficult person.
Momiji no hosomichi Part 1 (7)
Issei: You coming here means that you've recovered, right? Next time, don't show something so disgraceful like that to a junior like me.
Issei: I'm older in age than you guys, so I'll feel embarrassed if you show something unsightly.
Toya: Issei-kun... Thank you very much for your concern!
Issei: Huh!? How did you end up with that conclusion!?
Toya: It is such a precious chance to have someone who isn't my teammate scold me harshly like that.
Toya: Watching another group's performance thoroughly and point out its faults isn't something that can be done by just anyone.
Toya: If it's alright with you, please come to our next live as well and point out things for us again!
Issei: I won't!
Toya: ... *chuckles* Please don't feel embarrassed~ I can understand why the cats felt attached to you.
Toya: Issei-kun really is a nice person, so it's only a matter of course for them to like you.
Toya: I've always liked everyone in Lancelot in the first place, but due to this, I've come to feel like rooting for Issei-kun.
Issei: ... Hh.
Issei: Be it you or Tsubaki... Guess I really can't stand you guys...

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