Momiji no hosomichi Part 3 (1)
Toya: I-I apologize... I was being too forward with my opinions! Please forget what I've said-
Momiji no hosomichi Part 3 (2)
Tsubaki: Ha ha ha! You took one from me! As expected from my assistant! You've watched us thoroughly, huh, Toya!
Tatsumi: Hee~ Toya-san, that was great!
Aoi: I see... That was a blind spot.
Tsubaki: That was a good plan! But, it feels like it lacks something...
Aoi: You're right. The good point of this song is its elegance, so it'll be better if we can make use of the part where we can let out a more graceful feel about it...
Tatsumi: Graceful, huh? There is nothing graceful about the men here, right? Ahaha... ha-
Tsubaki & Tatsumi & Aoi: ...
Momiji no hosomichi Part 3 (3)
Toya: What's wrong, everyone? All of you staring at me like that...
Tsubaki: Right... For me to not realize that someone so reliable actually has always been this close to me...
Aoi: It is way too close, so that you can't see the forest because of the trees.
Momiji no hosomichi Part 3 (4)
Tatsumi: Yosh! Like this, we can cover the graceful part!
Tatsumi: Rather, don't you think our stage play will look even nicer with this?
Tsubaki: And also, I won't have to take care of Tatsumi and Aoi that much anymore!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 3 (5)
Toya: Uhm... What are you talking about?
Tsubaki: Toya. Starting from now, you're released from your position as my assistant...
Toya: Tsu-Tsubaki? What foolishness are you-
Momiji no hosomichi Part 3 (7)
Tsubaki: Won't you become a member of Tenjyou Tenge for our sake?
Momiji no hosomichi Part 3 (6)
Tatsumi: We really need Toya-san!
Aoi: Your conducts are beautiful, so I'm sure it'll make our dances shine even more.
Toya: Me... A member of Tenjyou Tenge?
Tsubaki: Yeah. You've always been by my side and watched Tenjyou Tenge, so I'm sure you can fit in. And, I'm sure you can aim to be an idol together with me!
Tsubaki: Our... No, come to my place, Toya! Let's see a view that you've never seen before together!
Toya: (Me... Becoming an I-Chu? And aiming to be an idol?)
Momiji no hosomichi Part 3 (8)
Toya: And like that, from a mere assistant, I switched to becoming a member of Tenjyou Tenge.
Issei: So something like that happened... But, you were okay with that?
Toya: My family had always served the Rindo family for generations, so I didn't see that I could have a different path than that for my future.
Toya: However, invited by Tsubaki and friends, I was able to see a different view as I stood on the stage for the first time.
Toya: My options aren't limited to this. I came to think that I have a lot of choices on what I'd like to do.
Issei: Hh. You must've had it rough yourself... That Tsubaki bastard, he'd pulled you around, right?
Toya: Ahaha... I've gotten used to it since we were young. Besides, having him pull me around is also a form of trust between us.
Toya: Issei-kun. I think Tsubaki keeps teasing you because he likes you, you know?
Issei: What a trouble...
Toya: *chuckles*
Issei: Well then, I ate my dango, so I'll be going now...
Issei: At any rate, the dango here is pretty tasty. You come here often?
Toya: Actually, I came here with the Producer before, and I've been addicted to it since then.
Issei: ...
Toya: Issei-kun?
Issei: As I thought, I can't stand you and Tsubaki. I just can't like you guys... Bye.
Toya: ... So I got hated. Even though I want us to get along as cat lovers...
Issei: Toya!!
Toya: !? Y-yes!?
Issei: Don't say anything about today to Tsubaki! Also... Thanks for the dango.
Toya: *chuckles* As I thought, I feel like rooting for Issei-kun now!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 3 (9)
Toya: (Moreover... I wonder since when he got himself dangos to take home?)
Toya: Maybe he'll give it to his friends? As I thought, a person who got liked by animals is bound to be a nice person.

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