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Momiji no hosomichi Part 4 (1)
Toya: (Today will be my first live concert since I recovered. I have to give it my all...)
Toya: (First, let’s get myself calmed down by cleaning the dressing room!)
Momiji no hosomichi Part 4 (2)
Toya: ...Huh?
Tatsumi: Oo! Toya, you’re late!
Aoi: Idiot…! What are you doing, acting all high like that?
Tatsumi: Ah, o-oops… You’re right…
Toya: Tatsumi and Aoi? How rare it is, to see you two coming early like this. What’s wrong?
Tatsumi: J-just thinking that sometimes coming earlier than Toya wouldn’t be so bad! Come on, sit here!
Toya: T-thank you very much…
Tatsumi: I’m going to make some tea now, so wait a minute~
Momiji no hosomichi Part 4 (3)
Toya: Ah, I’ll make it-
Aoi: There, there. If it’s just making tea, then even that stupid Tatsumi can do it himself.
Toya: B-but...
Aoi: Well then, I’ll comb your hair now.
Toya: Eeh!? I can ask the stylist to do it for me, so there’s no need for Aoi to do it, right?
Aoi: It’s fine! I’m doing it because I want to do it!
Toya: (W-what’s wrong with these two? I wonder if they ate something weird...)
Aoi: Toya’s hair is pretty. What are you using for your hair treatment?
Toya: Just a normal camellia oil, though?
Aoi: Aah. That’s why I smelled camellia scent from your hair. Taking care of yourself even to the smallest thing in order to polish yourself up is a good thing.
Tatsumi: Thanks for the wait! I made some tea! Be careful not to scald your tongue, ‘kay?
Toya: T-thank you very much…
Momiji no hosomichi Part 4 (4)
Aoi: This tea has a pretty deep color. You put in too many leaves, didn’t you?
Tatsumi: Huuh!? I didn’t! I’m making a deep-flavored tea on purpose!
Aoi: Toya can’t drink this kind of tea. How about you make it again?
Tatsumi: The hell you’re saying!?
Toya: Wait, both of you-!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 4 (5)
Tsubaki: Oi, oi, don’t fight here. There’s no meaning in coming here earlier to welcome Toya if you start fighting, right?
Tatsumi & Aoi: !
Toya: Tsubaki! So you came too?
Momiji no hosomichi Part 4 (6)
Tsubaki: Yup. Because I need to apologize to you about something too.
Toya: Eh? By apologize, you mean-
Momiji no hosomichi Part 4 (7)
Tatsumi & Aoi: Toya!!
Toya: Y-yes!?
Tatsumi: We’re really sorry for what happened before!
Aoi: The day before our last concert, when you tried to stop my fight with Tatsumi, you lost your balance and fell into the lake, right?
Toya: Aah… That time. But I’ve received your apology back then, so there’s no need to apologize again so many times.
Tatsumi: No… We apologized right after you fell, but during the live on the next day, Toya… You were feeling sick, weren’t you?
Tatsumi: Your health dropped because you fell into the lake back then, right? That’s why, once again… Sorry for what we did then!
Toya: Aoi… Tatumi… Please lift your head. I’m not angry at all! Rather…
Toya: I should be the one apologizing because I hid the fact that I was feeling unwell but still got on the stage, and caused trouble to the three of you.
Momiji no hosomichi Part 4 (8)
Tsubaki: No… you’re wrong there.
Toya: (Tsubaki...)

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