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Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (1)
Tsubaki: Toya, there’s no need for you to apologize.
Toya: Tsubaki...
Tsubaki: That time, you just can’t let a gap to open up on the stage, so you forced yourself to perform, right? That was admirable.
Tsubaki: Thanks to you performing, we were able to safely make the live a success. A live of all four Tenjyou Tenge members together!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (2)
Tsubaki: But… Even though I knew that you weren’t feeling well, I said nothing and let you stand on the stage.
Tsubaki: And that’s why I have to apologize to you. I’m really sorry, Toya.
Toya: What are you saying? That time, Tatsumi, Aoi, and Tsubaki, all of you backed me, who was feeling unwell, up, right?!
Toya: I’ve caused you trouble… I’m really, really sorry…
Toya: (That’s right… If only I didn’t get on the stage in the first place, the three of them would’ve been able to put on a greater concert… after all, I’m...)
Toya: (... I was originally a mere assistant.)
Toya: … Originally, my status was that of a mere assistant. Even if I’m not around, the three of you would be able to success the concert-
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (3)
Tsubaki & Tatsumi & Aoi: That's not true!!!
Toya: !?
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (4)
Tsubaki: I said it before, didn’t I? ‘All four Tenjyou Tenge members together’, right!?
Tsubaki: If we left anyone of us out, then it wouldn’t be a Tenjyou Tenge concert anymore!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (5)
Aoi: Do you think there is anyone who can replace Toya in terms of gracefulness when dancing? It’s definitely impossible for Tsubaki and Tatsumi.
Aoi: And I’d say, I can barely do it… Because I have my own role to fulfill.
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (6)
Tatsumi: Toya said it earlier, right? That each of us has amazing techniques.
Tatsumi: To draw out each of our techniques, we need to focus solely on them on our own. That’s why, we can’t just throw anyone away here!
Toya: Everyone....
Tsubaki: That’s why, Toya. We need you! Don’t make me say it twice, okay?
Toya: ... Okay!
Tsubaki: Yup! That's a good answer!
Toya: *chuckles* … Nevertheless, it’s funny that we’re apologizing to each other!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (8)
Aoi: Yeah, really. We can’t show something this unsightly to our juniors…
Tatsumi: Right. There’s no way I’d want to show them something that’s so not cool like this!
Tsubaki: Means that we still have a long way to go, isn’t it… It’ll still take some time until we’re acknowledged as idols…
Tsubaki: But, as long as we have a goal, then we just have to go on with all our might!
Toya: Yes! I feel that we’ll be able to have a wonderful performance today!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (8)
*knock knock*
Aoi: Oh my, could it be a guest? Come in.
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (9)
Michiru: Pardon my intrusion.
Michiru: I came because I’d like to greet Toya-san.
Toya: Me?
Michiru: Yes. Today, I’m assigned to dance behind Tenjyou Tenge as your back dancer.
Michiru Actually, I… I really respect Toya-san, and that’s why, I’d like to convey this happiness of being allowed to dance together like this to the person himself.
Toya: Respecting me....
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (10)
Michiru: Yes! Like Toya-san, I’d like to perform gracefully… yet calmly and beautifully!
Toya: I see. How reliable! Please assist me today, Michiru-san.
Michiru: Yes! I apologize for intruding before the live. Once again, I’m looking forward to working with you!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (11)
Toya: ....
Tsubaki: He said he respected you. With this, you’re getting more aware that Tenjyou Tenge needs to be made of four people, right?
Toya: You’re right! I’m an existence needed in Tenjyou Tenge!
Toya: Tsubaki, Tatsumi, Aoi! We’re going full throttle today to reclaim what we lacked on our previous live! Please follow me!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (12)
Tsubaki & Tatsumi & Aoi: Yeah!
Tsubaki: Geez, that last line usually would be for me to say, though!
Toya: *chuckles* Let me copy you for a bit, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: That gutsy attitude is exactly what my ex-assistant should have! Help me from my side from now on too, okay?
Toya: Of course! Then, let’s go to the stage where fans are waiting for us!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (13)
Toya: (Even if I’m feeling unwell, I have comrades who will support me. There are people who need me!)
Toya: (What a refreshing feeling. It’s almost like I can even climb up to the sky.)
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (14)
Toya: (No, no, I can’t do that. I’m still an inexperienced I-Chu after all!)
Toya: (First, I have to keep my feet planted on the ground and success the concert with all my might!)
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (15)
Toya: Tonight, we shall bewitch the princesses! We are the four greatest flowers upon heaven and earth, the ones that brought buds to bloom!
Momiji no hosomichi Part 5 (16)
Toya: *chuckles* Please watch us to the very end!

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