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Momoi-kun, the pink colored Hero 1 (1)
???: ~~that's not it!
Producer: ... Hm, a familiar voice reached my ears... I wonder who in the world that was.
Momoi-kun, the pink colored Hero 1 (2)
Kyosuke: How-ev-er! I have told you over and over again that that's wrong~!
Enju: Eeh, but why! Red is doing this and that! That's right! Because I watch TV a lot, I'm sure it's like this!
Minoru: Eh, Enju has it wrong. I say it should be more like this. Otherwise it's not cool at all.
Kyosuke: You both got it wrong! Look, it's not good to take heroes lightly!
Momoi-kun, the pink colored Hero 1 (3)
Kyosuke: The current Red's signature pose goes like this! Boom! And then~ the blow! Bam!!
Enju: Yeah! That seems right!
Kyosuke: It not just seems right, it is right~!
Minoru: That right now was certainly really cool!
Kyosuke: Fufun, exactly, exactly! But that's only natural. Of course, you're different because you're still apprentice sentai fans!
Enju: Apprentice?
Minoru: Why an apprentice?
Kyosuke: Because I was already a hero otaku before you were born!
Momoi-kun, the pink colored Hero 1 (4)
Enju: Yeah, I don't understand it, but that's amazing!
Minoru: As expected of the master!
Kyosuke: Fufun, exactly, exactly! It's good that you have even more respect for me!
Producer: Pff...!
Enju: Who, who are you!
Minoru: It's someone who laughed at master!
Producer: Y, yes... It's me...!
Kyosuke: wah, wahwah, Producer-san! Why are you at a place like this...!?
Enju: What, is it someone master knows?
Momoi-kun, the pink colored Hero 1 (5)
Minoru: Maybe this person is this heroine master sometimes talks about?
Kyosuke: What, what are you guys even saying! Hah, that's not true, not true, Producer-san!
Kyosuke: I mean! Please listen to me without halfheartedly trying to surpress your laughter like that!!
Producer: I'm I'm sorry... but, it's just so funny... pff!
Enju: Ahahahaha! Master got really red!
Minoru: A lot brighter red than Red has!
Kyosuke: Please stop teasing me!
Producer: Ahahahaha! Ah, so funny... You're on good terms.

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