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Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 1 (1)
Kyosuke: Wah… I guess Sensei-san’s not here yet.
Kyosuke: I wish she’d get here soon… Or no, maybe I’d rather she didn’t come at all…
Kyosuke: Uuu~ I’m so nervous~…
Producer: Sorry for the wait, Momoi-kun.
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 1 (2)
Kyosuke: Uwah! S-Sensei-san!! N-no, you didn’t keep me waiting at all!
Kyosuke: Please, go ahead and tell me everything! I-I won’t be discouraged at all, no matter what you say!!
Producer: Calm down, Momoi-kun. I’ve gotten the results in.
Kyosuke: O-okay! Then, how did it go…?
Producer: …It’s a shame, but it seems like you didn’t get the part from the audition.
Kyosuke: …Oh, I see~. So I really did fail…
Producer: Momoi-kun… There aren’t too many people out there who can nail a last-minute audition on their first try, so don’t get too down about it.
Producer: In fact, the more experience you build up, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to land a job.
Producer: I think that you’ve gained some experience from this, so I hope you’ll make the best use of it next time. And I’ll be there to support you when that happens, too!
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 1 (3)
Kyosuke: Sensei-san… Yes! I’ll do my best next time!
Kyosuke: After all, my editors have given me a lot of praise for how many times I revise my manga manuscripts!
Kyosuke: This is just like that! Well then, I’ll be off!
Kyosuke: Thank you… very much for letting me know! ~~!
Producer: Ah, Momoi-kun… He’s gone…
Producer: (Momoi-kun… looked like he was about to cry when he was leaving..)
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 1 (4)
Kyosuke: Uu… I was on the verge of crying there, but I don’t think Sensei-san noticed, did she?
Kyosuke: I really… wanted to get the part I auditioned for.
Kyosuke: The audition for my favorite battle group was being held in a lot of different places, and they finally held one here, but… I didn’t make good use of the chance I got.
Kyosuke: I guess I really shouldn’t have challenged myself to go for the leader, Red, should I?
Kyosuke: I thought that I sounded pretty good when I was going through the lines, but I guess it didn’t seem that way to the judges…
Kyosuke: Ah! Maybe I just don’t have enough of a commanding, charismatic aura to begin with…
Kyosuke: Yeah… I don’t have the makings of a leader, like Tora-chan does.
Kyosuke: I definitely don’t have anything about me that would fit Red… Not like Tora-chan…
Kyosuke: (But even so, I wanted to play Red.)
Kyosuke: (I can still remember them… My lines from the audition. Something like…)
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 1 (5)
Kyosuke: Shining bright with a flaming red spirit! Bomb Red!!
Kyosuke: We’re the Bomb Rangers, an explosive squad formed by an explosion!
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 1 (6)
Kyosuke: Legion of Evil, Dark Revolution! We won’t let things go the way you want them to!
Kyosuke: We’re going to bring a halt to your revolution!
???: So you came, Bomb Red! But today, I’ll be the one to stifle that shining light of yours!
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 1 (7)
Kyosuke: Eh?
Mio: Yoohoo, Kyousuke. Aren’t you embarrassed to be out here practicing so loudly?
Kyosuke: Awawa!? M-Mio-kun! D-did you hear everything I said just now?
Mio: Are you stupid or something? Of course I did. Why else would I give an answer to one of your lines?
Mio: That’s for the audition that all of the Aichuu were told about the other day, right?
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 1 (8)
Mio: Did you get the part?
Kyosuke: Wagh!
Mio: Ah… So it didn’t go over well…
Kyosuke: ~~Nngh…uuu…
Mio: Hey–! Don’t cry! It’ll look like I made you cry, won’t it!?
Kyosuke: Uuu…
Mio: Ah, oh no… Now he’s crying even harder… Sigh~, I guess there’s no way out of this…


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