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Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 4 (1)
Torahiko: Hey, Kyosuke said that he was Bomb Red, but… What exactly is he talking about, Mio?
Mio: Kyosuke? What on earth are you talking about? And I’m the denizen of darkness, overseer of time and death.
Torahiko: …Hey, Kyosuke–
Kyosuke: Well, then! Now that I, Bomb Red, have arrived, I’ll save you in no time flat, Torahiko-kun!
Torahiko: …I really don’t get what’s goin’ on, but I want to go on an adventure right now, so please save me, Bomb Red.
Kyosuke: ! Yes! Please, leave it to me!
Mio: Ku-ku-ku… I don’t think you’re even capable of saving this mere human from me, Bomb Red.
Kyosuke: No… I’ll show you that I can!
Mio: (All right! You’re a little worked up, but you’ve gotten through your entrance okay, Kyosuke!)
Mio: (I’ll hit you with a black magic attack first. Then you’ll intercept that with your own attack!)
Mio: Take this, my dark magic! There!
Mio: (Fufu! Now the camera that I’ve hidden in advance will let off a flash, paired with a sound that’ll make it sound like he really packs a punch!)
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 4 (2)
Kyosuke: Oh no! I looked straight at the flash, and now I can’t see anything! Wawawa…
Torahiko: Ah, he fell over.
Mio: Hey! We planned this beforehand, so why are you messing up so badly!?
Torahiko: You planned this?
Mio: ! B- Bomb Red, you fool! How’s that! Do you understand now? You should just abandon my hostage and run away with your tail between your legs!
Kyosuke: ! No, I won’t give up! A hero should never run away from someone in trouble!
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 4 (3)
Kyosuke: Now that it’s come to this, I’ll show you my extra-deadly special technique!
Mio: (Not good, not good… His prowess as a klutz isn’t something to underestimate. I’ll pretend that his deadly technique really hit me good.)
Mio: (Once I’m disoriented, I’ll say my line of defeat and run away.)
Mio: (And once Kyosuke’s saved Torahiko, his inferiority complex should disappear!)
Mio: (And… If I can pull off all of this evildoing, Eva-sama’s sure to praise me!)
Mio: If you’re so capable of saving him, then do it, Bomb Red!
Kyosuke: Prepare yourself, overseer of time and death!
Kyosuke: Uooo–! My deadly, explosive pink punch–!!
Mio: Hey, if you’re trying to be Red, then you can’t say pink!
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 4 (4)
Kyosuke: Aghh! I let that slip out of habit! But I’m not going to stop this punch now—!
Mio: (Ah! Now he’s getting careless and putting too much into the punch! I can’t dodge this!)
Mio: (I’m really going to get hit if he keeps going, aren’t I!?)
Kyosuke: Ahh! Mio-kun’s going to get hit by the punch! Someone stop me~!
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 4 (5)
Mio: ~~!!! W-What? I’m not hurt…?
Kyosuke: My hand doesn’t hurt either… What on earth was that?
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 4 (6)
Torahiko: Man~, that was really dangerous. Why’re you guys putting on this kind of act?
Kyosuke: T-Tora-chan!
Mio: Torahiko!? Why are you here? How did you get out of the rope!?
Torahiko: Bwahaha! I’m really good at getting out of sticky situations! I’ve been captured by some pretty weird tribes on my travels!
Torahiko: But more importantly, you shouldn’t get into fist fights, okay? Kyosuke, how’d you get into this mess? Explain yourself.
Kyosuke: Uuu~. I guess I really can’t become an awesome Red like Tora-chan…
Kyosuke: …This all happened because Mio-kun was helping me be more like you…
Torahiko: Oh, I gotcha~.
Torahiko: Does that mean that you thought you failed your superhero audition because you lacked the qualities a leader would have?
Torahiko: I mean, I am the leader of ArS, but don’t you think that there are better people suited for being the leader of a superhero group?
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 4 (7)
Mio: Ahh, now that you say that, you’re right. Seiya would be a good fit, or even Tsubaki.
Mio: Since Kyosuke said that you’d be the best man for the job, I didn’t give any thought to anyone else.
Kyosuke: Ehehe… Seiya-kun and Tsubaki-san are definitely leader-material, too, but if you asked me who the best Red would be…
Kyosuke: I’d say that it’d have to be Tora-chan!
Kyosuke: Tora-chan is the one who always supports our group, and the way we don’t hold ourselves back from anything. And he’s the most liberated of us all!
Kyosuke: It’s because Tora-chan always tells us to do what we want that we can be both artists and idols!
Kyosuke: He’s always on the go. He’s simple-minded and daring. He gets lost in his passions.
Kyosuke: There’s no one else in the world more suited to be Red than Tora-chan!
Kyosuke: So that’s why… That’s why I absolutely have to be more like Tora-chan in order to play Red!
Torahiko: …Kyosuke!
Kyosuke: Yes!
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun 4 (8)
Torahiko: I’m not gonna let you be Red!
Kyosuke: Eh?
Kyosuke: .....
Kyosuke: Bwah!? W-w-w-why not!?


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