Profile Story
(Profile Story) Momosuke Oikawa

Ah, hello. By any chance are you the teacher of Etoile Vio?
In truth, I'm looking for someone. Um... What was their name. I think it was...
Ms.[Name]. The principal said I would be in that person's care.
But I couldn't find them by name alone...
If it's okay, would you mind searching for Ms.[Name] with me?
Ah, I haven't introduced myself have I? I'm Momosuke Oikawa.
I was invited to come to this school by Kokoro-chan!
I'm still not use to wearing these kinds of clothes at all though.
But, if I wear girly clothes everyday, someday, I'll feel more nervous not wearing girly clothes!
Ah, but as a guy how will it all turn out? If I'm an otokonoko then is it okay? I'll ask Kokoro-chan about it later!
Ah, I've talked too much. Well then, I'm going to search for Ms.[Name] okay?

Initial R/RR Don't forget I'm a crossdresser too
Second Batch R/RR A new Momosuke!
Initial SR/UR We'll be together forever
June Bride SR/UR Flower bouquet of vows
Snowy Day SR/UR The warmth of the earthen charcoal brazier
Part-time Job 2017 SR/UR Momo's good idea!
Second Batch SR/UR A step towards becoming a pro
Kindergarten SR/UR Just one love letter
Tamayura Scarlet SR/UR Outing tour carefully chosen by Momo!
Amusement Park 2017 SR/UR Park food paradise
BAD BOY! BAD DAY! SR/UR Tsundere heroine Momo-chan
Initial LE/GR Secret Garden
Hitori de dekiru mon! LE/GR I can do it alone!
1st Anniversary LE/GR Congratulatory Gyudon
Phantom Thief vs Police LE/GR The handcuff's trap
Halloween 2016 LE/GR A good luck charm against the evil spirits
Cultural Festival LE/GR Have some of Momo's feelings
Nakayoshi Peluche LE/GR Good friend Peluche ♪
Warlock LE/GR Special gyudon!
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Momo's perfume
Vacation LE/GR High-spirited☆Vacation
POP'N STAR Live Commemoration LE/GR LIVE Momosuke Oikawa
Birthday LE/GR Be careful of male instincts
Valentine's Day 2018 LE/GR Working hard on handmade chocolates
Music Award LE/GR Momosuke Oikawa's small revolution
Aquarium LE/GR Contact telepathy
3rd Anniversary LE/GR Heartwarming video