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Do you have someone that you're interested in among us? Momo likes Kanata-kun and Rabirabi~! Play
Seiya I'm curious about Tatsumi and Chaoyang! Did you know that they've visited temples?
Kanata I'm really interested in Momo-chan. That squirrel is so cute〜
Akira Noah, maybe...? Somehow I feel that his atmosphere is similar to mine.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I like Waka-sama! Waka-sama's hair grows longer sometimes! It's awesome!
Mutsuki I think I'm a bit interested in Toya-san〜... I feel this kind of healing atmosphere from him〜
Noah I'm interested in Akira. Fufu...
Leon Of course it's Kokoro-chan! He's cute today too!
Chaoyang I heard that Seiya-san and Tatsumi-san like temples so I'm interested in them...
Rabi Issei, maybe...? He looks strong, just like Tsubaki.
Lucas I'm interested in Runa. He could possibly be a Yamato Nadeshiko...
Torahiko Aoi feels just like Hikaru!
Kyosuke Noah-kun feels like a prince coming out from story books so I'm interested in him~
Akio Kyo-Kyosuke would faint now and then, so I can't take my eyes off him because I'm concerned...
Shiki I'm interested in Rabi-kun. Don't you think that he has a philosophical view that doesn't suit his age?
Hikaru Eva Armstrong. Please tell me how did you preserve your good looks!
Raku Rindo, perhaps? Both of us like Japanese things, so it feels like we'll get along well...
Kokoro That Mio... Sometimes he would meddle in my business and it's irritating!
Runa I heard that he has a taste for flower arrangement, so I'm interested in Futami-san. Play
Issei Long time ago, I had Tsubaki as my partner in a karate tournament... He's such a disagreeable junior.
Futami For some reason Chaoyang-kun seems afraid of me and won't come closer〜
Takamichi Isn't it strange that Mio and Ban are called servants?
Eva Lucas perhaps... He appears to be suffering from the cycle of life and death as well.
Mio Shiki and Raku said that I'm a dangerous kid with cute face, so I'll cast a curse on them next time!
Ban I've seen Runa looking like a man at a party once!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I think his name is Hikaru? He's a bit similar to Aoi!
Toya Leon-kun can see the good in a person so I think that he's a nice kid.
Tatsumi Satsuki and Mutsuki, I think. It's nice for brothers to aim for the same goals!
Aoi Why does that Akio kid look so gloomy? It makes me want to teach him a lot of things.
Kuro Runa Kagurazaka. He's methodical and gracious and that's really good.
Saku Hanabusa-san! He's so cute that you can't believe that he's a boy!
Baber DeathCro-kun, told me I'm a rival.. what is a rival?

Everyone, please tell us which song you like! Momo likes "Chotto Matte yo" ♪ Play
Seiya I like how cool "Hokori Takaku aru Tame ni" is!
Kanata I love "Dear my precious friend"!
Akira "Just one kiss" sounds sexy and so I like it.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I like Kokoro-san's "Joker's Dream"〜!
Mutsuki I kinda like "Very Very Itoshii Hito"〜
Noah "Sayonara Memories". I think that it's a wonderful song.
Leon "Viva! Carnival"! has a summer feel to it〜
Chaoyang I-I like "Saite wa Chiru Hana no You ni"...
Rabi When I listen to Masarayasamaraya on repeat, I feel as if my heart is freezing up...
Lucas I like the lyrics in "Kakko tsukanai ze".
Torahiko "Fly Fly"! It makes me want to paint a picture of sky!
Kyosuke "Miracle ☆ Twinkle" is such a cute song and I like it!
Akio Dark Night Cat. The chosen one... It has a nice ring to it...
Shiki I like "Sadistic Romantic" because it sounds cool!
Hikaru "Uragiri no Kajitsu". I also want to try singing it on stage!
Raku "Warukunai ze Easy days". It makes you think that you don't have to rush things, right?
Kokoro "I am a HERO"... It's not that I care about Seiya though!
Runa I like Tenjyou Tenge's "Kachou Fuugetsu"! Play
Issei I quite like "Lady Blood".
Futami Just like in "Mechanical ☆ Love", I'd like to have a rendezvous in outer space~
Takamichi I think that "Izayoi no Sora" is good because it feels elegant.
Eva "100 Man Doru no Suriru", perhaps... One hundred million thrills should suit me just fine.
Mio I like Chacha meccha I love you because it has this blipblop feel about it!
Ban I like "Mirai Fantasista"! Makes me feel like playing soccer~
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like "Icchaisou da yo". Don't you think that the lyrics are pretty erotic?
Toya I like "My Destiny". It's a wonderful song that fascinated me.
Tatsumi I like "Te wo Nobase"! It's nice as it gives you a feeling to look ahead!
Aoi I like "Star light trip" as it has a sparkly feel to it.
Kuro I like my own songs! That's all!
Saku "Happy Birthday To Us"! It's a cute song~
Baber "Swinging Halloween"... Baber likes this song.

I'd like to hear about unexpected sides of someone among us. Play
Seiya Leon said that he's popular with women, but is that true?
Kanata Issei-kun is surprisingly liked by animals, so he's surely a gentle person!
Akira I think that Kusakabe-kun unexpectedly has a deep way of thinking.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Tatsumi isn't cared for so he's a really lonely person and cries!
Mutsuki The air around Rabi becomes really tingly sometimes. Maybe it's static electricity?
Noah Leon looks like an American much more than I do, right?
Leon Takamichi is cool~ Especially that close-cropped hair of his!
Chaoyang I... Because my body is soft, I'm curious about Akira-san's yoga....
Rabi Akio gets frightened easily just like Chaoyang, so I just can't leave him alone.
Lucas I heard that Futami was a NEET, but he can play musical instruments, right? That makes him interesting.
Torahiko Ban doesn't look like a rich person!
Kyosuke Uhm, Kokoro-san surprisingly gets to feel lonely so easily and that is cute!
Akio Toya-san is nice, so he's easy to talk to...
Shiki Noah-kun surprisingly has cute sides too. Like his timid side, for one!
Hikaru Seiya Aido! I think that I suit the main role more than you do!
Raku The twins called me 'Waka-sama' so it makes me feel like a feudal lord...
Kokoro Takamichi is surprisingly a gentleman. If only he wouldn't be such a loser, though!
Runa Perhaps Hikaru-san, who sometimes can say something serious although he doesn't look so. Play
Issei Raku and Toya are such good listeners.
Futami I heard that Torahiko-kun is rich so I wanted to become acquaintances〜
Takamichi I don't hate Aoi-san since he's a hard worker like me...
Eva That Laplace's demon[1]! He always looks at me like I'm younger than him! I'm talking about Shiki!
Mio That Tsubaki guy really gets on my nerves, but he certainly has true power. But Eva-sama is truly No.1!
Ban Seiya is quite a big eater too!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Could it be that Kanata has a longer record as a performer? Let's call him 'senpai'!
Toya When I look at Chaoyang-kun, I feel that I have to do something for him so I'm interested in him.
Tatsumi Kyosuke draws manga, right? I'm curious as to why he also works as an idol!
Aoi I don't dislike the fact that Lucas is a romantic despite being a cool person.
Kuro There's nothing unexpected, everyone is an idiot!
Saku I don't know because I can't see other than Producer-chan.
Baber Momo-chan. He's small but he eats a lot of gyudon...

Notes Edit

  1. Laplace's demon from Wikipedia. Basically, Eva is thinking of Shiki as someone who can predict the future.

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