Do you have someone that you're interested in among us? Momo likes Kanata-kun and Rabirabi~!
Seiya I'm curious about Tatsumi and Chaoyang! Did you know that they've visited temples? File:MomosukeQ1 Seiya.ogg
Kanata I'm really interested in Momo-chan. That squirrel is so cute〜 File:MomosukeQ1 Kanata.ogg
Akira Noah, maybe...? Somehow I feel that his atmosphere is similar to mine. File:MomosukeQ1 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I like Waka-sama! Waka-sama's hair grows longer sometimes! It's awesome! File:MomosukeQ1 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki I think I'm a bit interested in Toya-san〜... I feel this kind of healing atmosphere from him〜 File:MomosukeQ1 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah I'm interested in Akira. Fufu... File:MomosukeQ1 Noah.ogg
Leon Of course it's Kokoro-chan! He's cute today too! File:MomosukeQ1 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang I heard that Seiya-san and Tatsumi-san like temples so I'm interested in them... File:MomosukeQ1 Li.ogg
Rabi Issei, maybe...? He looks strong, just like Tsubaki. File:MomosukeQ1 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I'm interested in Runa. He could possibly be a Yamato Nadeshiko... File:MomosukeQ1 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko Aoi feels just like Hikaru! File:MomosukeQ1 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke Noah-kun feels like a prince coming out from story books so I'm interested in him~ File:MomosukeQ1 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Kyo-Kyosuke would faint now and then, so I can't take my eyes off him because I'm concerned... File:MomosukeQ1 Akio.ogg
Shiki I'm interested in Rabi-kun. Don't you think that he has a philosophical view that doesn't suit his age? File:MomosukeQ1 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru Eva Armstrong. Please tell me how did you preserve your good looks! File:MomosukeQ1 Hikaru.ogg
Raku Rindo, perhaps? Both of us like Japanese things, so it feels like we'll get along well... File:MomosukeQ1 Raku.ogg
Kokoro That Mio... Sometimes he would meddle in my business and it's irritating! File:MomosukeQ1 Kokoro.ogg
Runa I heard that he has a taste for flower arrangement, so I'm interested in Futami-san.
MomosukeQ1 Runa
Issei Long time ago, I had Tsubaki as my partner in a karate tournament... He's such a disagreeable junior. File:MomosukeQ1 Issei.ogg
Futami For some reason Chaoyang-kun seems afraid of me and won't come closer〜 File:MomosukeQ1 Futami.ogg
Takamichi Isn't it strange that Mio and Ban are called servants? File:MomosukeQ1 Takamichi.ogg
Eva Lucas perhaps... He appears to be suffering from the cycle of life and death as well. File:MomosukeQ1 Eva.ogg
Mio Shiki and Raku said that I'm a dangerous kid with cute face, so I'll cast a curse on them next time! File:MomosukeQ1 Mio.ogg
Ban I've seen Runa looking like a man at a party once! File:MomosukeQ1 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I think his name is Hikaru? He's a bit similar to Aoi! File:MomosukeQ1 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya Leon-kun can see the good in a person so I think that he's a nice kid. File:MomosukeQ1 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi Satsuki and Mutsuki, I think. It's nice for brothers to aim for the same goals! File:MomosukeQ1 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi Why does that Akio kid look so gloomy? It makes me want to teach him a lot of things. File:MomosukeQ1 Aoi.ogg
Kuro Runa Kagurazaka. He's methodical and gracious and that's really good. File:MomosukeQ1 Kuro.ogg
Saku Hanabusa-san! He's so cute that you can't believe that he's a boy! File:MomosukeQ1 Saku.ogg
Baber DeathCro-kun, told me I'm a rival.. what is a rival? File:MomosukeQ1 Baber.ogg

Everyone, please tell us which song you like! Momo likes "Chotto Matte yo" ♪
Seiya I like how cool "Hokori Takaku aru Tame ni" is! File:MomosukeQ1 Seiya.ogg
Kanata I love "Dear my precious friend"! File:MomosukeQ1 Kanata.ogg
Akira "Just one kiss" sounds sexy and so I like it. File:MomosukeQ1 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I like Kokoro-san's "Joker's Dream"〜! File:MomosukeQ1 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki I kinda like "Very Very Itoshii Hito"〜 File:MomosukeQ1 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah "Sayonara Memories". I think that it's a wonderful song. File:MomosukeQ1 Noah.ogg
Leon "Viva! Carnival"! has a summer feel to it〜 File:MomosukeQ1 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang I-I like "Saite wa Chiru Hana no You ni"... File:MomosukeQ1 Li.ogg
Rabi When I listen to Masarayasamaraya on repeat, I feel as if my heart is freezing up... File:MomosukeQ1 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I like the lyrics in "Kakko tsukanai ze". File:MomosukeQ1 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko "Fly Fly"! It makes me want to paint a picture of sky! File:MomosukeQ1 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke "Miracle ☆ Twinkle" is such a cute song and I like it! File:MomosukeQ1 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Dark Night Cat. The chosen one... It has a nice ring to it... File:MomosukeQ1 Akio.ogg
Shiki I like "Sadistic Romantic" because it sounds cool! File:MomosukeQ1 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru "Uragiri no Kajitsu". I also want to try singing it on stage! File:MomosukeQ1 Hikaru.ogg
Raku "Warukunai ze Easy days". It makes you think that you don't have to rush things, right? File:MomosukeQ1 Raku.ogg
Kokoro "I am a HERO"... It's not that I care about Seiya though! File:MomosukeQ1 Kokoro.ogg
Runa I like Tenjyou Tenge's "Kachou Fuugetsu"!
MomosukeQ1 Runa
Issei I quite like "Lady Blood". File:MomosukeQ1 Issei.ogg
Futami Just like in "Mechanical ☆ Love", I'd like to have a rendezvous in outer space~ File:MomosukeQ1 Futami.ogg
Takamichi I think that "Izayoi no Sora" is good because it feels elegant. File:MomosukeQ1 Takamichi.ogg
Eva "100 Man Doru no Suriru", perhaps... One hundred million thrills should suit me just fine. File:MomosukeQ1 Eva.ogg
Mio I like Chacha meccha I love you because it has this blipblop feel about it! File:MomosukeQ1 Mio.ogg
Ban I like "Mirai Fantasista"! Makes me feel like playing soccer~ File:MomosukeQ1 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like "Icchaisou da yo". Don't you think that the lyrics are pretty erotic? File:MomosukeQ1 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya I like "My Destiny". It's a wonderful song that fascinated me. File:MomosukeQ1 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi I like "Te wo Nobase"! It's nice as it gives you a feeling to look ahead! File:MomosukeQ1 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi I like "Star light trip" as it has a sparkly feel to it. File:MomosukeQ1 Aoi.ogg
Kuro I like my own songs! That's all! File:MomosukeQ1 Kuro.ogg
Saku "Happy Birthday To Us"! It's a cute song~ File:MomosukeQ1 Saku.ogg
Baber "Swinging Halloween"... Baber likes this song. File:MomosukeQ1 Baber.ogg

I'd like to hear about unexpected sides of someone among us.
Seiya Leon said that he's popular with women, but is that true? File:MomosukeQ1 Seiya.ogg
Kanata Issei-kun is surprisingly liked by animals, so he's surely a gentle person! File:MomosukeQ1 Kanata.ogg
Akira I think that Kusakabe-kun unexpectedly has a deep way of thinking. File:MomosukeQ1 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Tatsumi isn't cared for so he's a really lonely person and cries! File:MomosukeQ1 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki The air around Rabi becomes really tingly sometimes. Maybe it's static electricity? File:MomosukeQ1 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah Leon looks like an American much more than I do, right? File:MomosukeQ1 Noah.ogg
Leon Takamichi is cool~ Especially that close-cropped hair of his! File:MomosukeQ1 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang I... Because my body is soft, I'm curious about Akira-san's yoga.... File:MomosukeQ1 Li.ogg
Rabi Akio gets frightened easily just like Chaoyang, so I just can't leave him alone. File:MomosukeQ1 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I heard that Futami was a NEET, but he can play musical instruments, right? That makes him interesting. File:MomosukeQ1 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko Ban doesn't look like a rich person! File:MomosukeQ1 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke Uhm, Kokoro-san surprisingly gets to feel lonely so easily and that is cute! File:MomosukeQ1 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Toya-san is nice, so he's easy to talk to... File:MomosukeQ1 Akio.ogg
Shiki Noah-kun surprisingly has cute sides too. Like his timid side, for one! File:MomosukeQ1 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru Seiya Aido! I think that I suit the main role more than you do! File:MomosukeQ1 Hikaru.ogg
Raku The twins called me 'Waka-sama' so it makes me feel like a feudal lord... File:MomosukeQ1 Raku.ogg
Kokoro Takamichi is surprisingly a gentleman. If only he wouldn't be such a loser, though! File:MomosukeQ1 Kokoro.ogg
Runa Perhaps Hikaru-san, who sometimes can say something serious although he doesn't look so.
MomosukeQ1 Runa
Issei Raku and Toya are such good listeners. File:MomosukeQ1 Issei.ogg
Futami I heard that Torahiko-kun is rich so I wanted to become acquaintances〜 File:MomosukeQ1 Futami.ogg
Takamichi I don't hate Aoi-san since he's a hard worker like me... File:MomosukeQ1 Takamichi.ogg
Eva That Laplace's demon[1]! He always looks at me like I'm younger than him! I'm talking about Shiki! File:MomosukeQ1 Eva.ogg
Mio That Tsubaki guy really gets on my nerves, but he certainly has true power. But Eva-sama is truly No.1! File:MomosukeQ1 Mio.ogg
Ban Seiya is quite a big eater too! File:MomosukeQ1 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Could it be that Kanata has a longer record as a performer? Let's call him 'senpai'! File:MomosukeQ1 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya When I look at Chaoyang-kun, I feel that I have to do something for him so I'm interested in him. File:MomosukeQ1 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi Kyosuke draws manga, right? I'm curious as to why he also works as an idol! File:MomosukeQ1 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi I don't dislike the fact that Lucas is a romantic despite being a cool person. File:MomosukeQ1 Aoi.ogg
Kuro There's nothing unexpected, everyone is an idiot! File:MomosukeQ1 Kuro.ogg
Saku I don't know because I can't see other than Producer-chan. File:MomosukeQ1 Saku.ogg
Baber Momo-chan. He's small but he eats a lot of gyudon... File:MomosukeQ1 Baber.ogg

Notes Edit

  1. Laplace's demon from Wikipedia. Basically, Eva is thinking of Shiki as someone who can predict the future.

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