Special Phone Call Questions that are unlocked only between a pair of characters. Here you will find the individual questions Momosuke does to each character.


Seiya Aido
Momosuke Momo wants to become a hero like Seiya-kun too~ File:Momosuke-Seiya Q.ogg
Seiya Then let's have a special training together! Hero training! File:Momosuke-Seiya A.ogg
Akira Mitsurugi
Momosuke Momo is really stiff, so I'm envious of you~ File:Momosuke-Akira Q.ogg
Akira That's because you're still young, Oikawa. If you stretch a bit after bathing your body will become softer. File:Momosuke-Akira A.ogg
Kanata Minato
Momosuke I want to be able to dance round and around like you too~ File:Momosuke-Kanata Q.ogg
Kanata You can do it Momo-chan! I and Rabirabi will teach you ♪ File:Momosuke-Kanata A.ogg

Twinkle BellEdit

Satsuki Kururugi
Momosuke Fueee... I fell down again. File:Momosuke-Satsuki Q.ogg
Satsuki Are you alright? You're really clumsy. There's no need for me to even prank you! File:Momosuke-Satsuki A.ogg
Mutsuki Kururugi
Momosuke Let's grow some plants together, Mutsuki-kun! File:Momosuke-Mutsuki Q.ogg
Mutsuki I want to try growing Hydrangeas. I wonder if they will bloom beautifully in June. File:Momosuke-Mutsuki A.ogg


Momosuke I want to be able to make delicious tea too, but I would surely spill it all. File:Momosuke-Noah Q.ogg
Noah Then let's have Sebastian teach you how to make delicious tea. File:Momosuke-Noah A.ogg
Momosuke Leon-kun, thank you for helping me carry the fertilizer. File:Momosuke-Leon Q.ogg
Leon That's called cooperation! If you're troubled please call me again! File:Momosuke-Leon A.ogg
Momosuke Gyudon soup soup soup! Same thing for the kid beside me~! File:Momosuke-Chaoyang Q.ogg
Chaoyang "Soup soup soup"....? Japanese is difficult...[1] File:Momosuke-Chaoyang A.ogg
Momosuke I want to become cool and tall like Rabi-kun. File:Momosuke-Rabi Q.ogg
Rabi You're cute the way you are now. Ah, you wanted to become cool? File:Momosuke-Rabi A.ogg
Momosuke Lucas-kun, thank you for watering the flowers yesterday! File:Momosuke-Lucas Q.ogg
Lucas Sometimes they catch my eyes and attention, that's all. There's no need to thank me. File:Momosuke-Lucas A.ogg


Torahiko Kusakabe
Momosuke I'm so jealous that you're good at drawing~ File:Momosuke-Torahiko Q.ogg
Torahiko I think what's important is not being good or bad, but having fun while drawing! File:Momosuke-Torahiko A.ogg
Kyosuke Momoi
Momosuke I tried to draw Kokoro-chan and Runa-chan! ...What do you think? File:Momosuke-Kyosuke Q.ogg
Kyosuke You drew them really well! Leaving aside if you're good or not, I'm sure they both will be really happy about it! File:Momosuke-Kyosuke A.ogg
Akio Tobikura
Momosuke Glass sparkles and is beautiful~ I can look at it for a long time. File:Momosuke-Akio Q.ogg
Akio Fuhii. I like looking at glass... File:Momosuke-Akio A.ogg
Shiki Amabe
Momosuke Momo wants to make a flower vase and a bowl for gyudon! File:Momosuke-Shiki Q.ogg
Shiki Quite the polar opposites. But alright, lets make them together. File:Momosuke-Shiki A.ogg
Hikaru Orihara
Momosuke Is a flower blooming inside the ice? Won't the flower freeze? File:Momosuke-Hikaru Q.ogg
Hikaru It's called floral Ice. They're flowers made with ice so there's no need to worry. File:Momosuke-Hikaru A.ogg
Raku Wakaouji
Momosuke "Special of the day, Gyudon"... There! Ehehe, Raku-san, Momo managed to write it well! File:Momosuke-Raku Q.ogg
Raku You did well. By the way, is gyudon a special of the day? File:Momosuke-Raku A.ogg


Kokoro Hanabusa
Momosuke Kokoro-chan is really dignified and cool.... File:Momosuke-Kokoro Q.ogg
Kokoro Hey! Kokoro is cute! Correct it now! File:Momosuke-Kokoro A.ogg
Runa Kagurazaka
Momosuke Eh, my hair ornament isn't here? It's right before the performance, what do I do~!? File:Momosuke-Runa Q.ogg
Runa It's here, Momo. Turn around so that I can put it in. File:Momosuke-Runa A.ogg


Issei Todoroki
Momosuke Issei-san! Please accept Momo's flowers today too! File:Momosuke-Issei Q.ogg
Issei Giving me a bouquet isn't surprising from you.... I'll accept it only this time. File:Momosuke-Issei A.ogg
Futami Akabane
Momosuke Futami-san, thank you for always arranging Momo's flowers so beautifully! File:Momosuke-Futami Q.ogg
Futami Your flowers are beautiful too, so this old man is able to make good decorations~ File:Momosuke-Futami A.ogg
Takamichi Sanzenin
Momosuke You like orchids, right? It suits your image perfectly! File:Momosuke-Takamichi Q.ogg
Takamichi Right, right! Only a noble flower suits a noble man like me! File:Momosuke-Takamichi A.ogg


Eva Armstrong
Momosuke I made a flower crown for Sammy! It looks really cute! File:Momosuke-Eva Q.ogg
Eva Sammy is saying "thank you". I must offer my thanks too. File:Momosuke-Eva A.ogg
Mio Yamanobe
Momosuke You gave me a flower seed, but it's of a type I've never seen before~ File:Momosuke-Mio Q.ogg
Mio That's the seed of a plant I created with black magic ♪ Take good care of it! File:Momosuke-Mio A.ogg
Ban Jumonji
Momosuke The topping you taught me was really delicious~! File:Momosuke-Ban Q.ogg
Ban Yes! But that time you spilled the sauce over your clothes you ended up burnin' it too~! File:Momosuke-Ban A.ogg

Tenjyou TengeEdit

Tsubaki Rindo
Momosuke Momo yearns to become a cool man like Tsubaki-san! File:Momosuke-Tsubaki Q.ogg
Tsubaki Momosuke being like me, huh...? It might even happen, surprisingly! File:Momosuke-Tsubaki A.ogg
Toya Honoki
Momosuke Toya-san! Make some gyudon for Momo! File:Momosuke-Toya Q.ogg
Toya I'll make a gyudon that will be to your liking. File:Momosuke-Toya A.ogg
Tatsumi Madarao
Momosuke When you come to look at my flowers it means that you're sad about something. What happened this time? File:Momosuke-Tatsumi Q.ogg
Tatsumi So I got found out, how pathetic... It's just some failures at work... File:Momosuke-Tatsumi A.ogg
Aoi Kakitsubata
Momosuke So you like red roses, right? Momo will try growing some. File:Momosuke-Aoi Q.ogg
Aoi Red roses are beautiful and I love their meaning in flower language. File:Momosuke-Aoi A.ogg


Kuro Yakaku
Momosuke Uwaah!? The wind blew my skirt up! Ah, Kuro-san, did you see? File:Momosuke-Kuro Q2.ogg
Kuro I- I didn't! Besides, we're both men so it shouldn't matter!! File:Momosuke-Kuro A2.ogg
Saku Uruha
Momosuke Just before, the producer washed Ricky with the laundry. File:Momosuke-Saku Q2.ogg
Saku You're so lucky, Ricky. I also want the producer to wash me... File:Momosuke-Saku A2.ogg
Momosuke Baber-san's handmade plush toy looks amazing! It's so cute ♪ File:Momosuke-Baber Q2.ogg
Baber This one was easy ♪ Everyone else's plush toys are really cute too! File:Momosuke-Baber A2.ogg

Kuro Yakaku
Momosuke Kuro-san! I saw you at the gyūdon[2] place the other day. Do you like gyūdon? File:Momosuke-Kuro Q.ogg
Kuro It has a good cost-benefit, so I like it. File:Momosuke-Kuro A.ogg
Saku Uruha
Momosuke Uh, uhn.. Why do you always make photos of Momo with your camera? File:Momosuke-Saku Q.ogg
Saku Hm? This is so that I can preserve my recordings about idols permanently ♪ File:Momosuke-Saku A.ogg
Momosuke Baber-san is really big. Momo is the smallest among the I-Chu.. File:Momosuke-Baber Q.ogg
Baber Momo-kun, you're small so it's cute.. That way is fine.. File:Momosuke-Baber A.ogg


  1. This is a bit difficult to translate in english. He says "Gyudon tsuyu dakudakudaku" Tsuyu means soup, while the daku comes from "takusan" which means "a lot" so he's basically asking for a lot of gyudon soup
  2. Gyūdon (Meaning "beef bowl") is a japanese dish made of rice and usually topped with beef and onion. Read more here.