Aliases Edit

Mutsuki Kururugi's Aliases
Alias Called by
Mutsuki Seiya, Akira, Satsuki, Noah, Leon, Rabi, Lucas, Torahiko, Akio, Raku, Tsubaki, Tatsumi, Aoi, Issei, Takamichi, Mio, Ban, Kokoro
Mutsuki-kun Kyosuke, Toya, Futami, Momosuke, Baber
Mutsuki-san Chaoyang, Runa
Kururugi Mutsuki Hikaru, Kuro
Mukkun Kanata
Older Brother Shiki
Older Kururugi Saku
Zwei Eva
Mutsuki-senpai Taichi

Event story appearancesEdit

Appears in
Futami event
Koakuma no Himegoto Banner
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi banner
Zettai Ousei Selfishness banner
ICHU☆Kaika Sengen banner

Tarot GachaEdit

Mutsuki's Tarot Cards
Card Translation
Mutsuki R Tarot
Mutsuki RR Tarot
Mutsuki SR Tarot

Misc. Facts Edit

  • He is good at cooking, especially rolled eggs.
  • He became an idol because Satsuki wanted to and he followed along.
  • He likes the Japanese custom of having a soak in the bath.
  • His favourite animal is the cat. He thinks they are cute.
  • He will wear anything as long as it matches Satsuki.
  • He thinks his brother has a great fashion sense, and lets him choose his clothes for him.
  • His favourite drink is herb tea.
  • He assumed that the producer would be someone who pampers, but was proven wrong.
  • If he were to go to a deserted island he would bring Satsuki.
  • His least favourite food is chicken skin.
  • A place of memories for him is the amusement park he went to with Satsuki a long time ago.
  • He likes cherry scented bathing powder.
  • If he went on a journey he would like to go diving at Okinawa.
  • He wonders if there are still cowboys in America.
  • He likes England for its tea.
  • He and Satsuki were born on New Year's Day.
  • He is interested in Russian cusine.
  • He respects Jiang Ziya.
  • His favourite book genre is old stories.
  • He doesn't have a favourite colour but Satsuki said that neon blue fits him.
  • He thinks that Kumakocho is a weirdo.
  • His favourite season is spring. He gets sleepy at that time.
  • He likes cereal and eats it in the morning.
  • He has perfect eyesight: his glasses are just for show.
  • If he wakes up in the morning he will do vocal exercises.
  • His favourite subject is Japanese but gets sleepy when it is read aloud.
  • If he could have a superpower he might want to be able to teleport.
  • He washes the thigh first when bathing.
  • The thing he considers the most beautiful in the world is the love that he and Satsuki have.
  • He liked putting aroma oil in the humidifier at some point in time.
  • He said that Satsuki acted like a monkey on several occasions. As such, he does not mind being called a monkey too.
  • His favourite flower is the hydrangea
  • His favourite power stone is the Swiss blue topaz as it eases his mind.
  • The most expensive thing he has bought was a futon as he wanted to try sleeping on it.
  • Others often say he looks sleepy. They're right.
  • He dislikes summer as he can't sleep well.
  • When he was little he used to get sick a lot, that's why Satsuki was his only playmate.
  • He is in third generation.
  • Type he likes: A girl who isn't possessive.
  • The iKids Taichi Muto has a sleeping habit like Mutsuki; they have napped together before.