What do you do before going to sleep? I don't think I do anything in particular…. File:MutsukiQ1.ogg
Seiya Before sleeping… I don't remember since I always fall asleep before I know it! File:MutsukiQ1 Seiya.ogg
Kanata Drinking hot milk~ File:MutsukiQ1 Kanata.ogg
Akira Before sleeping I do some yoga. File:MutsukiQ1 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Talking with Mutsuki. File:MutsukiQ1 Satsuki.ogg
Noah Stretching and then I go to sleep. File:MutsukiQ1 Noah.ogg
Leon It relaxes me to listen to music before sleeping. File:MutsukiQ1 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang I do some massages to warm my body before sleeping. File:MutsukiQ1 Li.ogg
Rabi Image training, so that I'll be in a good shape the next day. File:MutsukiQ1 Rabi.ogg
Lucas Meditation. File:MutsukiQ1 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko If I want to sleep, I sleep! I don't care about the things I do before sleeping! File:MutsukiQ1 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke Before sleeping… I always have memories of chasing the deadline… uu! File:MutsukiQ1 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio I go to see the condition of the beads I put in the lehr[1]. File:MutsukiQ1 Akio.ogg
Shiki Sending good night mails to cute little kittens, I guess. File:MutsukiQ1 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru I do facial skin care to preserve my beauty! File:MutsukiQ1 Hikaru.ogg
Raku Nothing in particular. File:MutsukiQ1 Raku.ogg
Kokoro Skin care! Since it's a problem! File:MutsukiQ1 Kokoro.ogg
Runa Meditation. I would sit cross-legged in a dark room. Do you want to try it too? File:UtsukiQ1 Runa.ogg
Momosuke I was told by Kokoro-chan that I absolutely have to take care of my skin~ File:MutsukiQ1 Momosuke.ogg
Issei Aah? If you'd like to know then why don't you come to my room? File:MutsukiQ1 Issei.ogg
Futami I'm thinking things like, 'I don't want to work tomorrow either~'. File:MutsukiQ1 Futami.ogg
Takamichi Turning on the humidifier. I'll fail as an I-Chu if I hurt my throat... File:MutsukiQ1 Takamichi.ogg
Eva I'm making sure that there's no change with the boundary line between this world and Hell. File:MutsukiQ1 Eva.ogg
Mio I do a ritual to curse Ban... Ju~st kidding♪ File:MutsukiQ1 Mio.ogg
Ban I open the refrigerator! File:MutsukiQ1 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Stretching. These exhausted muscles need to be relaxed properly, otherwise they'll hurt, right? File:MutsukiQ1 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya I'm setting an alarm to wake Tsubaki up. File:MutsukiQ1 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi I gaze at the photos I took during my travels. File:MutsukiQ1 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi I do facial skin care before sleeping. Thanks to it my skin gets springy in the morning. File:MutsukiQ1 Aoi.ogg
Kuro I listen to music before going to bed. File:MutsukiQ1 Kuro.ogg
Saku I kiss Producer-chan's photo that is under my pillow. File:MutsukiQ1 Saku.ogg
Baber I think about what to do for tomorrow, but when I wake up I've forgotten about it already..... File:MutsukiQ1 Baber.ogg

Uhm… Your favorite bathing powder? I think I like the sakura scented one. File:MutsukiQ2.ogg
Seiya The scent of Japanese cypress has a Japanese-like feeling about it and I like it. File:MutsukiQ2 Seiya.ogg
Kanata I like the smell of milk. File:MutsukiQ2 Kanata.ogg
Akira I like the citrus one. File:MutsukiQ2 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I like the chamomile scented one~ File:MutsukiQ2 Satsuki.ogg
Noah I like the smell of roses. File:MutsukiQ2 Noah.ogg
Leon Citrus bathing powder! File:MutsukiQ2 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang The scent of Yuzu[2] calms me down. File:MutsukiQ2 Li.ogg
Rabi I like the scent of lavender. File:MutsukiQ2 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I like the scent of chamomile. File:MutsukiQ2 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko I like the scent of green bamboo! File:MutsukiQ2 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke The scent of berries is delicious and I like it. File:MutsukiQ2 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Karin[3]…has a nice scent. File:MutsukiQ2 Akio.ogg
Shiki I like eucalyptus bath powders. File:MutsukiQ2 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru Rose scented bath powders are fitting to me! File:MutsukiQ2 Hikaru.ogg
Raku Nadeshiko[4] bath powders have a nice scent. File:MutsukiQ2 Raku.ogg
Kokoro Milk bath powder! It makes my skin smooth. File:MutsukiQ2 Kokoro.ogg
Runa Peach scent... Doesn't mean that it has anything to do with Momo, okay? File:MutsukiQ2 Runa.ogg
Momosuke My favorite bathing powders are lavender. I like floral bath powders! File:MutsukiQ2 Momosuke.ogg
Issei I like the cool type of bath powders. It makes my body feel tense... File:MutsukiQ2 Issei.ogg
Futami I like bubble bath~ File:MutsukiQ2 Futami.ogg
Takamichi The honey-scented bath powder has a nice smell.. File:MutsukiQ2 Takamichi.ogg
Eva A bath powder made from infusing the herbs taken from Hell... File:MutsukiQ2 Eva.ogg
Mio I like the floral-scented ones. File:MutsukiQ2 Mio.ogg
Ban I have sensitive skin, so I prefer the tender, additive-free bath powders! File:MutsukiQ2 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like hot spring series ones. For example, Beppu, Hakone, and also Yufuin[5]. File:MutsukiQ2 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya The sakura scented one... It has a nice smell, doesn't it? File:MutsukiQ2 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi I like those bath bomb types... File:MutsukiQ2 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi Green apple scent, maybe? File:MutsukiQ2 Aoi.ogg
Kuro I don't need a bathing powder. There are people who don't use them when they bathe right? File:MutsukiQ2 Kuro.ogg
Saku The bath powder that Producer-chan is using! I tried hard to find it~ File:MutsukiQ2 Saku.ogg
Baber Baber just showers..... File:MutsukiQ2 Baber.ogg

Tell me what recipe you're good at. If it's rolled eggs then leave it to me. File:MutsukiQ3.ogg
Seiya Leave the sandwiches to me. Though you may occasionally find egg shells inside! File:MutsukiQ3 Seiya.ogg
Kanata If it's pancakes then leave it to me! File:MutsukiQ3 Kanata.ogg
Akira I can make all kinds of recipes, but I think I'm really good at making fried rice. File:MutsukiQ3 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki The fried egg Mutsuki taught me! File:MutsukiQ3 Satsuki.ogg
Noah Cooking? It's always the butler that does it. File:MutsukiQ3 Noah.ogg
Leon Cooking? Ehm, I can't cook… File:MutsukiQ3 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang Recipe I'm good at? I'm good at making gyoza. File:MutsukiQ3 Li.ogg
Rabi I'm good at making borscht[6]. File:MutsukiQ3 Rabi.ogg
Lucas ...I can't cook. If I try my best, I can make a toast. File:MutsukiQ3 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko I'm good at making rice with a mess kit[7]! File:MutsukiQ3 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke I'm good at making udon. I can make a lot of different variations, like the Tsukimi or Kitsune.[8] File:MutsukiQ3 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Instant noodles… File:MutsukiQ3 Akio.ogg
Shiki I'm good with deep fried food like tempura or croquettes. File:MutsukiQ3 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru Fu~ Everything becomes beautiful if it's touched by my hands! File:MutsukiQ3 Hikaru.ogg
Raku Deluxe nukazuke[9]. File:MutsukiQ3 Raku.ogg
Kokoro I'm good at baking sweets! Next time I'll make you some! File:MutsukiQ3 Kokoro.ogg
Runa I'm good at making wagashi... Or rather, I like to make them! File:MutsukiQ3 Runa.ogg
Momosuke Momo is good at making crepes! Next time, I'll make some for Runa-chan! File:MutsukiQ3 Momosuke.ogg
Issei I'm good at making Chinese dishes. File:MutsukiQ3 Issei.ogg
Futami If this old man is trying his best, he can at least spread jam on bread~ File:MutsukiQ3 Futami.ogg
Takamichi I can't cook! File:MutsukiQ3 Takamichi.ogg
Eva I don't cook... Everything is prepared by the Servants. File:MutsukiQ3 Eva.ogg
Mio I'm good at making soup! The ingredient is a secret~ ♪ File:MutsukiQ3 Mio.ogg
Ban Rather than cooking, I'm more specialized in eating! File:MutsukiQ3 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Cooking isn't my strongest point, but if it's hotpot then leave it to me. File:MutsukiQ3 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya I can cook any dish, but I'm especially good at making stewed dishes. File:MutsukiQ3 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi My specialty is miso shiru. File:MutsukiQ3 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi I'm fussy about my diet, you know? But anyway, how about we make vichyssoise? File:MutsukiQ3 Aoi.ogg
Kuro I can cook any recipe. Eating outside would be a waste. File:MutsukiQ3 Kuro.ogg
Saku I think omurice~. The secret ingredient is my love.... Fufu. File:MutsukiQ3 Saku.ogg
Baber Recipe? If it's anpan I can give you a pack, you know? File:=MutsukiQ3 Baber.ogg

Notes Edit

  1. A lehr is a temperature-controlled kiln for annealing objects made of glass. (Wikipedia)
  2. The yuzu is a citrus fruit and plant originating in East Asia. (Wikipedia)
  3. The Chinese quince, in Japan, it is known as "karin - 花梨" (花 - a flower, 梨 - the pear species, Pyrus pyrifolia, also called "Asian pear," or "nashi"). (Wikipedia)
  4. Japanese names for plants of the family Caryophyllaceae, in particular the Large Pink. (Wikipedia)
  5. All of these are the name of cities famous for their hot springs.
  6. Borscht is a soup of Ukrainian origin that is common in Eastern and Central Europe, especially in Ashkenazi Jewish, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Moldovan, Romanian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian cuisine. (Wikipedia)
  7. A mess kit is a collection of silverware and cookware used during camping and backpacking, as well as extended military campaigns. (Wikipedia)
  8. Udon.
  9. Nukazuke are a type of Japanese pickle, made by fermenting vegetables in rice bran. (Wikipedia)