Producer: So it’s the last day off before Christmas, huh…? After today I’ve just got to work hard until the Christmas live show…
Producer: Even so, why did Noah-kun ask me all of a sudden if I would meet him over the break? Is he worried about something…?
My Santa Claus 1 (1)
Noah: Hey, sorry for the wait.
Producer: Noah-kun. No, no, I just happened to get here a bit early.
Noah: Fufu, somehow this seems like the kind of exchange a couple would have with each other, doesn’t it?
Producer: …Don’t make fun of me.
Noah: The intention wasn’t to make fun of you. I just thought that it would be nice if it looked like that was the case to onlookers.
Noah: Does thinking about being in a relationship with me make you that unhappy?
Producer: Uh, rather than “unhappy”… It’s kind of a situational problem…
My Santa Claus 1 (2)
Noah: But it’s not like anyone here would know anything about us, right?
Producer: Actually, that’s not true. You and the rest of I♥B have gotten a lot more exposure lately— Look, there’s a group of girls sitting over there watching you.
Noah: Are they really? Is blond hair really that rare a sight?
Producer: …Noah-kun, you’re way too oblivious to how popular you are!
Noah: Is that so…?
Producer: …Anyway, you said you wanted to talk about something?
Noah: …Ah, right. It’s a bit difficult to talk about this at school, so I asked you to come here instead.
My Santa Claus 1 (3)
Noah: I thought that I’d give this to you. A Christmas present. Won’t you accept it?
Producer: A Christmas present? Even though it’s not Christmas yet… But more importantly, why give one to me?
Noah: Fun as it may be to see you so surprised, I went to some lengths to get this… So won’t you look inside? I was really careful to get something I thought would suit you.
Producer: Well then, I’ll go ahead and open it now, okay?
[rustle rustle]
Producer: Ah, a green coat! Can I try it on?
Noah: Of course. It seemed to me like you’re always cold when you come to performances. Here, turn around. I’ll help you put it on.
Producer: Ah, thank you.
Noah: Yup, it really does look good on you!
Producer: It’s very warm… But why are you putting the hood up, too?
My Santa Claus 1 (4)
Noah: Somehow I thought it would look like Santa Claus.
Producer: Santa Claus wears red, though, right?
Noah: A long time ago they said Santa Claus wore clothes of all sorts of colors. Blue, green, purple, etc.
Noah: When I was a kid, my grandmother gave me a doll of Santa Claus that was dressed in all green. It’s still used as a decoration in my home back in America.
Noah: To me, Santa Claus is absolutely supposed to wear green. …Hence why I got you this coat.
Noah: So what do you think? My cute Santa Claus.
My Santa Claus 1 (5)
Noah: Did you bring anything for me?
Producer: I’m sorry. I really hadn’t expected you to be bringing a gift, so I didn’t prepare anything. I’ll go look for something after th—
Noah: You don’t have to go looking for something. After all, no place sells what I’d really like…
Noah: But, how about this? Would you maybe promise to spend Christmas with me?


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