My Santa Claus 2 (1)
Noah: I’d like to ask for a bit of your time.
Noah: Will you go out for dinner with me on Christmas Eve?
Producer: Sigh… And even after I promised Noah-kun that I’d have dinner with him, I’m unlucky enough to have some last minute work come my way.
Producer: (It’s already past midnight… I’ve already called him to let him know, but I have to be sure to apologize again tomorrow.)
Producer: …Huh? Someone’s at the entrance. Who could it be at a time like this…?
Producer: (It’s pretty suspicious for someone to be out at the front of the school in the middle of the night…)
Producer: Maybe I should go back in the school before they noti–
My Santa Claus 2 (2)
Noah: Wait, don’t go!
Producer: Eh?
My Santa Claus 2 (3)
Noah: …I didn’t stop to think that this could end up with you running away. I’m sorry for surprising you like that.
Producer: Noah-kun! What are you doing out at a time like this…?
Noah: It’s obvious that I came here to see you, isn’t it? [Name].
Producer: !
Noah: It is Christmas, after all. You spend that day with your lover in Japan, don’t you?
Noah: That’s why I wanted to be with you tonight, no matter what.
Producer: Noah-kun...
Noah: Even though this was my early Christmas present to you, it looks like you ended up having to cancel our date today.
Producer: You were planning this as a Christmas present?
My Santa Claus 2 (4)
Noah: The coat that I wanted to give you was the real thing.
Noah: But I thought that this would be the best way to give you something and get some of your time for myself.
Noah: I have far too many rivals in this school, after all.
Producer: Lots of people wanting to spend time with me? That sounds more like a situation you’d be in, Noah-kun.
Noah: I’m glad you think so, but… I think you should be more observant. You’re far more popular than I am.
Noah: In any case, I’m glad that I caught up to you. …Let’s try this again. Merry Christmas, [Name].
Producer: Merry Christmas. I was expecting my Christmas to end without having seen anyone at all.
Producer: So I’m incredibly happy that you came to see me. Although I was a bit scared at first, since I thought that there was someone strange lurking out here.
My Santa Claus 2 (5)
Noah: Someone strange? How rude. …May I take your hand?
Producer: …Sure, that’s fine. Have you been waiting outside for a long time? Your hand’s cold.
Noah: I’d feel really lonely if I was all alone on Christmas, so don’t let go of my hand. My Santa Claus-san.
Producer: I’m not sure I even could let go, given that you’re the one gripping my hand like that.


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