Producer: (I’m glad we decided to make Noah-kun and everyone else’s outfits all white… It all gives off a very pure and spiritual vibe…)
My Santa Claus 3 (1)
Noah: You’ve been looking at something quite intently for a while now. Whatever could that be?
Producer: I was just thinking that your costumes turned out really well. You all look just like a church choir.
Noah: I wanted you to compliment me, not all of us.
Producer: But you all look so lovely. I couldn’t just compliment one of you…
Noah: Fufu, even though I know that that’s the kind of person you are, I still want to be the only person you look at.
Noah: But that’s just my own selfishness.
Producer: …I think that knowing you want other people to look at you is an important quality to have as an idol.
My Santa Claus 3 (2)
Noah: Even though that feeling’s only directed at you?
Producer: (…How does he want me to answer this?)
Noah: You said that these costumes make us look like a choir, right? It’s only natural that an outfit like that would look good on me.
Noah: Since I used to be in a choir, you know.
Producer: Oh? Then you sang in a church when you were in America…
Noah: Yeah. Although it was only when I was young. Before my voice changed. It got too deep, so I ended up quitting.
Noah: I feel as though nothing I sing could reach God now. Not with this voice of mine.
Producer: A boy soprano…
Noah: That’s right, you’re quite knowledgeable about this. My voice could go a lot higher back then… I can’t sing the songs that I used to be good at.
Producer: I have heard before that since boy sopranos only have a limited amount in which they can sing, they’re said to be holy because of it.
My Santa Claus 3 (3)
Noah: Does that mean that I’m not as appealing now?
Producer: There’s no way I’d say that. You know that, don’t you, Noah-kun?
Noah: Even if I do, I still wanted to hear you say it.
Producer: …That’s pretty mean of you, then.
Noah: You know, I’ve been keeping this a secret until today, but I thought that I’d open the show with my solo.
Producer: Oh, really? I didn’t hear about this…
My Santa Claus 3 (4)
Noah: Right, because I didn’t tell you. There’s a song that I want you to hear. You know, someone who likes my voice the way it is right now.
Noah: Amazing Grace. You know it too, don’t you? …I’ll be singing this with “God” representing you, so I want you to listen to it very carefully.
Noah: I’ve met you, been guided by you, and now here I am.
My Santa Claus 3 (5)
Noah: This earth will one day melt like snow,
Noah: The sun refuse to shine;
Noah: Yet God who called me here below,
Noah: Will be forever mine.
Noah: What’s got your face so red? I was just reciting the lyrics, right?
Noah: But still… you are forever mine.


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