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Producer: Okay, here you go. I brought these back from the shrine. This is the usu and this is the kine.
My aesthetic 1 (1)
Aoi: Ohhh. And we’ll be using this to make mochi, yes? How very authentic.
Producer: I guess. If we’re going to bother doing this, then I want to do it right.
Aoi: As expected of our producer. …This is heavier than I thought. You brought it back quite easily yourself, though.
Producer: Well, naturally I couldn’t carry it, so I just found a way to bring in back with a cart.
Aoi: If you had just said something I would have helped, though. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you do it yourself…
Producer: Well, this is my job, after all.
Aoi: Fufu, so you’re that kind of person, eh? Very well then, shall we begin practicing?
Producer: What should I do to help?
Aoi: You can give your overall impressions of my form. Although this is my first time doing this, so it may not be very good…
Aoi: I really don’t want to show my fans a shoddy sight.
Producer: That’s true. Ah, I know; is it okay if I take a video of this?
Aoi: A video? It doesn’t matter much to me, but…
Producer: I thought I’d upload it to the office blog and to social media afterwards. As next week’s mochi-making gets closer, we can say you’re in the midst of some admirable, intensive training.
My aesthetic 1 (2)
Aoi: …If that’s what you meant, I don’t want to show that to the fans.
Producer: Why? I’m sure they’ll all be thrilled.
Aoi: Because I only want to my fans to see my cool and effortless side, you know.
Producer: … I see. Well then, I guess it’ll just be my job to admire it.
Producer: Because, personally, I really like how you are when you’re putting all of your effort into something, Kakitsubata-kun.
Aoi: In that case, isn’t a video all the more pointless?
Aoi: Don’t watch me through a screen. I’m right here, so look at me, [name].
Producer: (How can he say that without being embarrassed…?)
Aoi: Ah, your face is all red. You really are cute when you get this embarrassed, [name].
Producer: D-Don’t make fun of me! Come on, let’s hurry up and start practicing!
Aoi: Haha. It wasn’t my intention to make fun of you, you know. Perhaps I’ll do as you say just this once.
Producer: Kakitsubata-kun, I’m going to take a picture, so can you look over here?
My aesthetic 1 (3)
Aoi: Sure. Is this good?
Producer: Yup, thanks. …Yeah, that was a good one!
Producer: Hey. you look really cool in the picture I just took, so is it okay if I upload it to the sites?
Aoi: Hmmm. Well, if it’s just a picture, that’s fine.
Producer: Okay, then I’ll do that right now…
~Bing ♪~
Producer: Wah! Kakitsubata-kun, there are already replies from fans!
Aoi: Really? It seems everyone’s quite busy this New Year’s Eve.
My aesthetic 1 (4)
Aoi: We’d better meet everyone’s expectations.
Producer: That’s what I’m hoping for, too. Let’s show everyone how cool you can be!
Aoi: But of course. But more than that, I’ll use up all my energy so I can give you what you’re hoping for, first and foremost.


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