My own image of a soldier 1 (1)
Tatsumi: Ooooo....! It's amazing. I didn't think there would be such a photo shooting place...!
My own image of a soldier 1 (2)
Tatsumi: I feel like I'm doing a trip in the Taisho era. Deciding to ask to view the place beforehand was the best decision
Producer: I'm glad that you're happy. Bringing you here was worth it
My own image of a soldier 1 (3)
Tatsumi: I see, so they had such structure here....Hey, can I take a photo of it?
Producer: Yes, it's fine
Tatsumi: Thank you
My own image of a soldier 1 (4)
Tatsumi: Oh....A picture of this....and also's so nice
Producer: .....Say, Tatsumi-kun. Aren't you hungry?
Tatsumi: ...Hm? Hungry? Well, it's a little before noon so I'm kind of. What's up all of a sudden?
Producer: Truth is, I thought it would be nice to eat something while immersing ourselves in the Taisho atmosphere and preparing for the photoshoot
Producer: .....I brought an obento. There was an eating scene, right?
Tatsumi: There was one but...Obento, eh? Does that mean, that it's, made by you? Really?
Producer: Y-Yes....I hope it will suit your tastes
My own image of a soldier 1 (5)
Tatsumi: For real....Today I'm only gaining things. I'll gladly accept it....Can I open it now?
Producer: Yes. Somehow this makes me nervous
Tatsumi: .....This is the onigiri box...and these are the side dishes...You've made a lot. All of them look delicious
Producer: ....
Tatsumi: ...I wonder if the soldier I will play looks forward to his lover's cooking like this too
Producer: Eh?
Tatsumi: The battlefield is surely full of terrible food right? But in moments of peace you get to eat such delicious meals
Tatsumi: So, that kind of meal is waiting for when you return home from the battlefield....And you use that as power to give it your best and survive
Producer: Tatsumi-kun....
Tatsumi: I don't know if they really lived like that at that time but, I'm sure there were guys that fought while thinking that
My own image of a soldier 1 (6)
Tatsumi: Like for example...Right! The soldier I will play! Haha, I saw it! My image of the soldier
Producer: Your image of a soldier....?
Tatsumi: I'm glad I came here with you today
Producer: Eh? Ah, yes...I'm glad, I could help
Tatsumi: .....I'll get the fried oneee. Hm...yes
Producer: ....H-how is it?
Tatsumi: Don't be so worried...It's delicious. Really.
Producer: Really? I'm glad!

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