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NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 1 - 1
Takamichi: Issei, I should be in the center for this part right?
Issei: Yeah. Takamichi and Futami change positions in the center, and then Futami moves to the side.
Takamichi: Then as we two move, let’s all move ourselves closer together to be more compact, if we do that, I think we’ll look much cooler?
Takamichi: What do you think Futami?
Futami: ………………
Takamichi: Futami?
Issei: ……Hey, Futami.
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 1 - 2
Futami: Hm? What is it?
Issei: It’s not ‘What is it?’ Were you listening to what Takamichi was saying?
Futami: Ah, sorry. I was kind of spacing out.
Issei: Stop messing around……. How many times has it been today!
Futami: Um…… About three times?
Takamichi: It’s the fifth time.
Futami: Eh, that many?
Issei: Whatever the circumstances may be, you are spacing out too much today.
Takamichi: From my point of view, today’s Futami is moving even more sluggishly than usual……
Futami: Ahaha…… Sorry.
Issei: Che…… Let’s stop. There’s no point to talking if you’re in this condition.
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 1 - 3
Issei: Takamichi, let’s go.
Takamichi: O-Okay!
Futami: Then I’ll go——
Issei: Futami. Stay here for a little while and cool your head. I’ll punch you next time if you are still spacing out like that!
Takamichi: Issei, is that okay? Leaving Futami behind like that……
Issei: It’ll be fine……. He’s not a kid anymore, so he should be able to solve this by himself.
Issei: And it’s just about that time isn’t it?
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 1- 4
Takamichi: Yeah……. It was right around this time of year when Futami left home.
Issei: Good grief, for an adult to become so sensitive in Autumn, just how delicate is he?
Issei: Since it’s him, he’ll probably ask us for help if he really needs it?
Issei: Whenever something happens, he would always come for dinner at our place, right?
Issei: We can just leave him alone until that happens.
Takamichi: (What you say might be tough on the outside, although you are really worried for him on the inside…)
Takamichi: Issei……You are an awkward man like usual.
Issei: What!?
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 1 - 5
Takamichi: N-Nothing! I'm just joking so don’t get mad!
Issei: Che! For the time being, we’re heading to a café, so treat me Takamichi.
Takamichi: What!? Why do I have to pay for Issei too~!


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