NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 2 - 1
Futami: Sigh~. Issei got mad at me……
Futami: I can’t get interested whenever this time of the year comes……
Futami: It’s already Autumn……. Whenever summer ends and it gets chilly, I can’t help but think of my family home.
Futami: I wonder if bro is healthy……. I haven’t met either mom and dad since I left home.
Father: Futami……. Why are you always unenthusiastic about everything? You quit Nichibu in no time at all……
Mother: Futami. Your father and I have no intention of forcing flower arrangement on you. Is there nothing you would like to do?
Brother: Futami…… The flowers that you arrange have elegance, but it tells me nothing.
Brother: What are you thinking when you are arranging flowers? I can’t see it at all, what you are thinking……
Brother: Tell me, what exactly do you want to do?
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 2 - 2
Futami: (There’s nothing that I want to do. I was born in a family with ties to flower arrangement, so I just did what I couldn’t avoid doing.)
Futami: (Other than me, everyone else are serious people, so they were being proper and considerate of me.)
Futami: (I left home since I lost the place I belonged.)
Futami: (I love my family. But I hate myself when I’m together with them and they talk about flower arrangement and I start hating flower arrangement more and more.)
Futami: (I didn’t hate flower arrangement. But I never thought of doing it my whole life. That’s why I wanted to like it at the level of a hobby.)
Futami: (Even if I say that, when I’m asked what I want to do, nothing really comes to mind……)
Futami: Sigh~. I’m really a no good adult.
Futami: There’s no helping it if she’s disgusted by me.
Futami: Ah, but I love it when she doesn’t ask too deeply about my circumstances and leaves me as I am.
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 2 - 3
Futami: But patting my head like that is against the rules!
Futami: That’s normally a gesture that a guy does to compliment a girl!
Futami: Ah~ I just start grinning when I remember. My producer is so cool!
Futami: Hehe~. The only ones that heal me are Producer and Nama-chan~. Ah, this softness really heals me~
Inami Haruto: Uncle Futami, do you like the stuffed animal and the girl you call Producer?
Futami: Right right, uncle Futami loves Nama-chan and Producer…… wait what!?
Inami Haruto: I see, I see. You might be an adult, but you like stuffed animals. And Uncle Futami likes girls……
Futami: Um, Haruto-kun was it? What are you doing here?
Inami Haruto: I was tailing uncle Futami—— I mean, I was looking for you until I got here.
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 2 - 4
Futami: I heard you say a disturbing word just now……. Well, whatever. So why were you looking for me?
Inami Haruto: Yeah. I came to say my greetings since it’s been decided that I’ll be uncle Futami’s back dancer for next week’s concert.
Futami: That’s very polite of you, thank you. But why have you been taking down what I’ve been saying on a notepad?
Inami Haruto: Hm? This is first of the skills that I have to become a great detective, insight.
Inami Haruto: I just take a note of what people say, so please don’t mind it.
Futami: Heh…… It’s your dream to become a great detective. Then why did you become an iKids?
Inami Haruto: Even if you ask me why, it’s not like you need to have only one dream, right?
Futami: Eh. What do you mean by——
Inami Haruto: Ah! It’s time to meet up with Michiru! See you later, uncle Futami. Let’s work well together next time.
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 2 - 5
Futami: And he’s gone……. The kids of the current generation are so level-headed compared to the time when I was still a kid.
Futami: To find what he wants to do at that age……
Futami: Sigh. How pathetic is it that an adult like me still hasn’t found anything he wants to do……
Futami: Ah~ I feel depressed again……
Futami: Nama-chan and her healing effect has worn off~


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